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  1. Mine is propane and it too produces excellent results. Nothing like good smokes meat.
  2. In all fairness if that's what happened then it is poor customer service not to tell someone that it's a nonrefundable deposit when refundable is an option. Whether you take his word for it or not is up to you.
  3. Usually people who start 'Never Again' threads aren't looking for advice and I applaud those who in their good nature continue to offer it. Me? I got nothing. Happier sailings with whoever you sail with OP.
  4. Sorry but I don't want to hijack this thread and I've seen all the arguments before. I was just trying relate our experience. If we ever cross paths in the Suite Lounge the first one is on me. 😉
  5. Sorry you had to wait 15 minutes for dinner. If that's all it takes then OK then. Happy cruising.
  6. You probably should probably take that complaint with a grain of salt. As a Suite Class cruiser on Royal, we've never experienced any issues with Pinnacles (suite or non-suite) dominating any venues.
  7. No, we have sailed with Captain Leo. He was great but I don't recall him being at the gangway.
  8. I wouldn't know how much time a captain has to spare but my humble impression of her is that she's a very high energy person. Maybe she's just better at time management because of it.
  9. She's the only captain on any ship we've sailed that was at the gangway on disembarkation shaking hands and thanking people for sailing with her.
  10. Keep checking. Occasionally we've experienced this when there was only one left because someone put hold on one and it eventually expires. We've even locked one ourselves for 15 minutes or so just by pricing it out on their website.
  11. Do you know what sailing in September it is? Should've waited. I got the answer. Thanks
  12. Our experience has been if you show up at 5:30 they will seat you almost immediately.
  13. Can you actually swim at South Beach when the tide rolls out? We could see it from the balloon ride and it looked pretty shallow.
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