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  1. Any lawyers on here want to take shot at whether the Commerce Clause prevents Florida from regulating the cruise lines?
  2. There's always that pesky Commerce Clause. We shall see.
  3. Unless things have changed recently I don't believe cameras are allowed in federal courts.
  4. Do you get double points if you use your Royal Caribbean Visa? Asking for a friend.
  5. The governors are losing revenue so I'm not sure they'd agree that it's frivolous.
  6. When an argument side steps the real issue, which is why an industry is being held to higher standard, my opinion is they are wrong. That doesn't always translate to a victory for the plaintiff. There are othrer issues that come into play including politics.
  7. That's just the CDC arguments. They may or may not be valid but what matters is what a judge determines.
  8. Y'all know that envy is one of the 7 deadly sins right? Tread lightly.
  9. On a side note, I thought the documentary was pretty fair. I was expecting the industry to get ripped apart but that never happened.
  10. Same here. I was never a fan of their selection...not that I couldn't find something in there of course.
  11. Lucky you. We have 3 cruises booked and all are L&S and all the current prices are higher by at least 30 percent.
  12. We actually preferred the bar service in Blaze over the old Concierge Lounge. Once they opened the Suite Lounge it was a different story. But alas, the powers to be decided to move and shrink the bar on the newer Oasis Class.
  13. When the DL was on Deck 6 above the Royal Promenade it was so small they held happy hour in the nightclub on Deck 4.
  14. They moved it up to 11 when they created the Suite Lounge in the Viking Crown. The amplification would've moved it down to deck 4 but the amplification was cancelled.
  15. We were taking advantage of the D+ discount on a few cruises but then it became a gamble. We switched to booking it on the planner and occasionally checking for a price drop.
  16. I never got a shot flu shot until the grand kids started popping out. At that point it was either get a needle stick or be tortured by their grandmother. The needle stick was worth way more than it was intended.
  17. We like the reserved seating in the theater but the reserved seating by the pool is nothing to brag about. Breakfast in Chops is also nice.
  18. Best answer ^^^ My son did a wedding cruise. Not only did the TA get a good rate, we didn't have to deal with who was in or out or remind others that final payment was due.
  19. We've done the ABC's every season except Summer but aren't their temperatures 80-90 year round?
  20. Royal did scale it back to one per cruise for a while. I think they called it the Grand Buffet. We went to one or two and it was too much like a cattle call and stopped going.
  21. Vaccine threads are the new tipping threads.
  22. Enjoy your cruise @BirdTravels. Let us know how it all works out.
  23. Oh darn it all. If they require masks at the pool I'll have to relegate more time to the pub.
  24. I read it wrong. Here are his comments from March. He never mentions vaccine requirement. “To say that you can’t sail by the time we get to the end of June, the CDC is basically saying the vaccines don’t work then,” said Gov. DeSantis. “They’re basically anti-vaxxers.”
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