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  1. Bluemarble nailed it. I was told that the schedule will be released in November.
  2. Bluemarble, thank you for your very informative response. One can understand in late 2020 the delay in announcing future voyage dates because 2020 was the first year of the Covid pandemic. Based on the historical data, it seems that the full 2023 schedule should be announced very shortly, perhaps in the next week. But I was wondering whether anyone speaking with a travel agent or Cunard representative has any additional information on what the date might be.
  3. I have seen on the Cunard website a few cruises on the QM2 through May 2023. I was wondering when Cunard is likely to announce the rest of its 2023 schedule.
  4. Thanks to all who have responded or will respond in the future.
  5. In 2022, there is an October 25 eastbound Transatlantic crossing featuring Anthony Inglis and the National Symphony Orchestra, and a December 3 eastbound Transatlantic crossing featuring a literature festival. For those who have been on crossings with the orchestra and during the literature festival, are those good times to sail? It seems I read somewhere that the ship may be too busy during the lietrature festival. Anyway, for any who have sailed during those events, what was the trip was, how was it different, and can you recommend those crossings?
  6. Cunard has not cancelled the TA crossings after mid-November. Whether these crossings take place obviously depends on Covid variations and mitigation mandates at a later time. However, the 12.3 TA eastbound crossing does not even appear on the Cunard website because it is completely sold out.
  7. I am booked on the 12.3.21 eastbound crossing. I know that doubt has being expressed as to whether Cunard will have any TA crossings this year. I believe my deadline for making payment is 8.3.21. If the cruise is not cancelled before August, I will wait to see whether Covid restrictions will likely be in effect. In short, if there are requirements to mask and social-distance, I have no interest in making the trip and will cancel. A TA crossing is supposed to be much more than a means of transportation. It is supposed to be a social event. Covid restrictions undercut the reasons for making a TA crossing on Cunard.
  8. I am booked on the December 3 TA crossing. I thought that, given the vaccination rates in the US and UK, it would likely sail. But I do see that Cunard has cancelled its TA crossings before November, and IB2's post immediately above certainly suggests that it might not sail. The fares for the TA crossings in 2022 are considerably higher than the 12.3.21 fare and deal I booked perhaps six months ago.
  9. For those curious, I am currently booked on an eastbound Transatlantic crossing leaving New York on Dec. 3 and arriving in Southampton on Dec. 10. At this time, I am optimistic that by the last quarter of this year we will see largely a return to some normalcy. If by late July my assumption about a return to normalcy seems truly questionable, I will forego making final payment and consider the lost deposit a cost of doing business in these difficult times. My preliminary itinerary, driven by the time of year, is Bath, York, London, Bruges, and then Amsterdam with a Christmas Eve flight home. I will be visiting all of these places for the first time, except for London, which I have visited several times.
  10. Cunard currently has a number of cruises through early 2022 on sale. Its website says the sale ends by November 18, rather than before November 18. Does it mean it ends on November 17 at 11:59 pm (presumable Eastern standard time), or November 18 at 12:01 am, or November 18 at 11:59 pm? I tried calling the 800 number, but was put on hold twice and after about 10 minutes gave up.
  11. Thanks to all who have responded, providing much appreciated insight. Yes, as nearly everyone has guessed, I am talking about the QM2. Despite the loss of time going eastbound, I am inclined to do an eastbound trip. Travel during December holds some appeal, despite some increase in crowds and hotel pricing compared to December, but I do not want to spend Christmas in Europe, limiting the number of days that can be spent post-cruise after the December 10 departure, and raising the challenge of flying back shortly before Christmas. Ideally, I would like to spend some time in the UK--a quick night in Bath and a few nights in London--before travel to Brugge and Amsterdam, two places I have never travelled to. But for that itinerary, the choice becomes largely more time in Europe in November or the Christmas-time experience with the expense and flight issues previously noted. But then life is about choices, and these are decidedly pleasant ones to navigate.
  12. The question is admittedly broad and general, so I suspect that the range of responses, if people care to respond, will be large. But I am curious as to what most from the US do in Europe if they spend some time in independent travel after their eastbound, or before their westbound, Transatlantic cruise--especially if they travel in the late fall or winter. The reason for the question is that I am at least considering eastbound cruises in 2021 arriving in the UK on November 5 and December 10. I would like to travel in Europe for roughly two weeks after the cruise. The problem with the former cruise is that as far as weather, November (as well as December) can be challenging months in northern Europe, and the problem with the latter cruise is both the weather and the challenge of flying home so close to Christmas. Ideally, I would like to spend time in London, and then Belgium and the Netherlands. But this does not seem the right time of the year to visit the Low Countries in particular.
  13. Jzopp, my apologies to you if I veered your thread in a slightly different direction. However, because you are thinking about a winter crossing, you may be interested in what I am asking about. And rsquare, thanks for your response. You would know better than I would, but I was surprised to read that there may be more Brits traveling eastbound than westbound and conversely more Americans traveling westbound than eastbound.
  14. Questions rather than comments. Are the passenger demographics of the early Dec. crossing eastbound different from those on the Oct. and Nov. crossings? Are there more children? Fewer Americans and more Brits? I am thinking about the Dec. 3 and Oct. 29 eastbound crossings in 2021 and am wondering how they might be different.
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