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  1. NC&KY

    Dress code

    The advice I hear most often for women is Chicos.
  2. NC&KY

    Schedule for Casino Conversions

    Awesome, thanks for inquiring, Phil. I assumed it would be gone by the time we're next on her in February of 2020, but it's nice to have confirmation.
  3. Bonnie or anyone else "in the know," what is the schedule for removing the casinos from Quest and Journey?
  4. NC&KY

    Casinos on Azamara

    Bonnie, can you confirm if this schedule is correct?
  5. You may already know this, but one reason there is no happy hour is that standard drinks are included in the fare. Sent from my VS988 using Forums mobile app
  6. NC&KY

    Self-service Laundry

    I routinely take my own dryer sheets as to many others. The trash can always has lots of used ones in it. Sent from my VS988 using Forums mobile app
  7. NC&KY


    We took Coastal Cars a couple of years ago and were very satisfied. Sent from my VS988 using Forums mobile app
  8. NC&KY


    How about on Quest? Sent from my VS988 using Forums mobile app
  9. NC&KY

    Chef's Table for the 1st time....?

    We do Aqualina and Prime C, but I agree with Ellbon, we find the Chef's Table to be too much food. We buy the Three Table Tour package.
  10. NC&KY

    Earth & Ocean

    I don't know what this is. Is it offered on the Quest? Please elaborate.
  11. How can one with an interior or oceanview cabin do this? Do you mean on the balcony of the restaurant?
  12. NC&KY

    Should a Seabourn guy try Azamara?

    Like you, we sail based on itinerary. We love Azamara and have another cruise booked with them in 2020. We were on our first Seabourn cruise a year ago and it was a step up from Azamara, so we're cruising with them again this fall in Canada. Both are very fine experiences. As long as you understand you are taking a bit of a step down (but not nearly as far as Celebrity), I think you will very much enjoy the ship. Especially if you like interacting with the officers, you'll find Azamara in a class by itself. You should try it.
  13. Sure seems so to us. It's what we're looking at for our young grandkids. Sent from my VS988 using Forums mobile app
  14. NC&KY

    Mens jackets - seabourn odyssey

    On our fall Med cruise nice short-sleeve collared shirts, such as Hawaiian shirts, were commonly worn in the MDR in the evenings on non-formal nights. Sent from my VS988 using Forums mobile app
  15. NC&KY

    Dress Code

    On our autumn Med cruise Hawaiian style short sleeve shirts were common in the MDR.