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  1. NC&KY

    Sign-In Issues

    Maybe I just needed to air my grievances. Suddenly letting me in.
  2. NC&KY

    Sign-In Issues

    Anyone else having trouble signing into your account? I'm trying to see if there are new excursions offered, but when I try to sign in I get the following message: "We've got your info. However, we're unable to bring up your account right now, so please try again later." Both yesterday and today, same problem.
  3. NC&KY

    Azamara vs Oceania

    Unless you are in a suite, you cannot get a table for 2 at any of the Oceania specialty restaurants. The order in which passengers are able to book them, based on stateroom category, prevents it. Another of the numerous reasons we will never sail with them again.
  4. What if OP sends his contact information to you. At the same time Bonnie could e-mail you asking for that information. Then you can connect the 2.
  5. Surely there is a solution to what has become a very uncomfortable stalemate. I note that some Hosts, e.g., Jazzbeau, have a cruise critic e-mail included in their signature. I know Grandma Cruising does not. But perhaps someone associated with Azamara could post an e-mail address on this thread to which OP could then send his contact information?
  6. We have a 26 day cruise coming up, so the Experience More packages may be a good deal for us. In weighing pluses and minuses, we are Explorer level, so we get 1 bag of laundry per 7 night voyage. Am I correct that on a 26 day cruise we would get 3 bags? And do we lose them if we buy the Indulgence package, which includes 2 bags, or are they additive so we get 5 bags?
  7. Not expected. Period.
  8. A strong second to this posting. We tend to eat late, and we can never find anywhere to sit. All tables are already filled; or if all chairs aren't occupied, the people at the table have "spread out" a bit and they are so far along with their meal that we feel uncomfortable joining them. White Night for us is just an evening to spend quietly at one of the other restaurants.
  9. Where did you see the photos?
  10. NC&KY

    Dress code

    The advice I hear most often for women is Chicos.
  11. Awesome, thanks for inquiring, Phil. I assumed it would be gone by the time we're next on her in February of 2020, but it's nice to have confirmation.
  12. Bonnie or anyone else "in the know," what is the schedule for removing the casinos from Quest and Journey?
  13. NC&KY

    Casinos on Azamara

    Bonnie, can you confirm if this schedule is correct?
  14. You may already know this, but one reason there is no happy hour is that standard drinks are included in the fare. Sent from my VS988 using Forums mobile app
  15. I routinely take my own dryer sheets as to many others. The trash can always has lots of used ones in it. Sent from my VS988 using Forums mobile app
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