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  1. If so, was the spa open for treatments, e.g., massages🤩, on the turnaround day? Did they have any activities for those stuck on the ship? We're scheduled for our first B2B cruises in April around Italy and down the Adriatic. Hope restrictions have eased by then.
  2. Any update on what the situation in Italy is regarding private excursions?
  3. Correct. But as you also said, you can always ask. We each requested it when we boarded Quest for our abbreviated cruise in February of 2020 and had it 2 nights later.
  4. How did you get from FCO to Orvieto and then Orvieto to the ship? Taxi? We'll have too much luggage for a bus
  5. Not to be dense, but just making sure I completely understand: CC suites on deck 7 of Pursuit will have shower only, correct?
  6. Yeah, the menus in the specialty restaurants do not change. I think you may run out of things to order and get bored before the cruise is over.
  7. Looks like this is from a blog that's well over a year old. I suspect the author has never been on an Azamara ship, at least not one I've sailed on! 🙄
  8. I think he was asking which one it was. So was it (a) for a Celebrity cruise or (b) for an Azamara cruise?
  9. Disney has now opened Alaska cruises for 2022, and other destinations as well.
  10. Disney has now opened Alaska cruises for 2022, and other destinations as well.
  11. We spend most of our OBC at the spa, exclusively on sea days. As soon as we get on board we head straight there, and we have never had a problem getting the times we want.
  12. First thing we do, once we get the spirits we like, is to pack them in our suitcases for bringing back home unopened.
  13. From the e-mail ballot I just received, it looks like it will be Onward, Forth, or Discovery.
  14. They absolutely have an interest; you've been cheated and they are the vehicle for payment. You should not hesitate to contact them and, if they are a good company, they will apply significant pressure on the TA.
  15. Ditto. We have booked the same suite for a September cruise that I fear will be postponed.
  16. We, like others, were on his final voyage, where he saved us from floundering around in the Indian Ocean forever by landing us in Muscat. Does anyone know where he is going?
  17. You should put these comments in the "sticky" entitled Azamara Cabins Thread at the top of the list of Azamara topics.
  18. This is extremely prejudicial to anyone not in a suite. It means you have no chance for a 2-top (which we prefer) and little choice on time.
  19. NC&KY

    Food Questions

    We have checked on our way to the MDR.
  20. NC&KY

    Food Questions

    I would say we are both "foodies," and we've never been disappointed with Azamara. Not stunned, but never disappointed.
  21. The biggest paella pan I've ever seen, in Cannes. He could not stir the far side from where he stood, he had to turn the pan or walk around it.
  22. NC&KY

    Azamara food tips?

    Dover sole, which is not on the menu and you have to preorder (day or 2 before is fine), in Aquafina.
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