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  1. Did they possibly change that cabin to handicap?? I have noticed on a certain class one cabin has always been for 2, now some are changed to 3.
  2. Which dining room is the your time dining? Back or forward? Thanks for your review! I'd like to know how to get casino offers too..
  3. We have ask the room steward to bring us a chair. We scoot the vanity stool underneath the mirror and put it there. Then move it to the other side at night out of his way. This is with the beds made into a king.
  4. I don't mind sharing a butter pot with my honey but do not want to share one with strangers.. I'm the same with salsa also..
  5. We have seen rice in the salt shakers on the Breeze. It still doesn't work with the crock type salt shakers. Freedom had the glass salt shakers and they worked fine with no rice.
  6. Deck 11 is our favorite. Have stayed in those cabins many times. Love the spa access.
  7. I am excited about using this perk. Just hope we can someday. We hit our 25 Milestone last cruise, May. Plan on using that someday on a cruise also.. Looks nice seeing Diamond on our booking summary!
  8. Yeah!! We were thinking we should have 2 since we were both turning diamond.
  9. Thanks everyone! That is what I was hoping for. Going to try to use that for an Alaskan cruise. We will see...
  10. I have tried to search this and can't find my answer! Thanks again..
  11. One of the perks of Diamond that I have read is a one-time cabin upgrade. Would that be like from an OV to a Balcony? Just curious. I know some upgrades are like 8A to 8B, I guess that would be within the same category? Just need a little explanation of this. Thanks!!
  12. I was able to purchase it for an upcoming cruise at the 20% discount also. What a savings!
  13. The 8 day Bahama cruise is my favorite. Key West, HMC, Nassau, Freeport
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