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  1. Following along here too...we board Harmony in a week with friends from St. Louis and are so looking forward to your review 😉 Bon Voyage!
  2. Thanks for the heads-up! 😃 I just booked a Thrill Island Cabana for our Allure November 2020 cruise for $663! Much better than the $1350 for any other cabana! Originally they only had the South Beach cabanas available at $499, but I waited too long 🙄 I never thought they would go up this much? 🤨
  3. Lol....I’m dying to know too! We have the same ATS on Allure booked for 11/29/2020 but really love the CLS. We have also stayed in the Panoramic Grande Suite, which was hands down the best suite ever.....but I worry about the lower ceilings and long hallway walk in the ATS, so very curious and patiently waiting your opinion 😏
  4. OMG! We had Marijana on Allure last Nov....She was AMAZING!! 😊 Really hoping she will be up on the 17th floor in 3 weeks! We will have to find her for sure !
  5. That is awesome!! Thank you so much for checking... Having so much fun watching your day unfold...it almost feels like we are already there! ☺️ although, I am definitely not getting a lot of work done here...🙄??😏
  6. We are curious to find out if Harmony has Prosecco on board? Allure always seems to have it...(although they did run out of Prosecco half way thru our November Friends cruise last year...) 🙄 they told us we drank it all...??? 😏 Anyway, Oasis does not carry it at all...which was sad, but I haven't been able to find out if its just an Allure thing or will Harmony have it too? Any chance of snapping a pic of the drink menu at the bar in the SL or CC some time this week would be very much appreciated!! ☺️
  7. Happy to be following along, just powered thru all the posts now. LOVE reading all your reviews, but especially interested in this one because we are in a CLS on Harmony on the Eastern Itinerary in less than 4 weeks!! 😃 Sorry you were switched to a Western, but glad you got to see Coco Cay first...we also booked an pool cabana (when they were much less expensive) and loved all the details and pictures!
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