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  1. Here is the Princess release http://www.princess.com/news/article.jsp?newsArticleId=na1146
  2. It's always nice when it works to our advantage. Now more money for other things.:D
  3. I forget whether Canadian Club is a wiskey or a bourbon. That said, find out what well drink (possibly not a brand name) is similar to CC and order that. If you ask for CC you will pay the regular price. If you ask for bourbon or wiskey you'll get the $2.99 price. Does that make sense?
  4. I think the interior square footage is the same and the AD cabins are in the aft area of the ship. We had an AD on a PC cruise last year and it was great. Not a downgrade in my opinion, just a less expensive cabin.
  5. This is from a guy's perspective. I agree with the above post, you will see people dressed every which way, from one end of the spectrum to the other. My DW wouldn't leave the cabin without makeup, hair and attire to the nines, but that's what she likes. I suggest you do the same, be comfortable and dress the way you like; keeping the cruise lines rules in mind for the dining room. Enjoy your cruise
  6. I just re-read my Island review from May and I didn't list the cruise director. But there was an ACD named Martin, who is hysterical. Think Ross from the Jay Leno show but Martin is funnier.
  7. Back at you, Bob. Wished I had thought to add that to my post:o
  8. Was that fight in June 1967? I think I remember it.:eek::D Happy Veterans Day to all who served in the Armed Forces.
  9. Since no one has mentioned St. Lucia yet, I will suggest "St. Lucia by Land and Sea w/ Lunch". It's a Princess tour and it's pricey, but it's a chuck full day. Catameran trip from Castries to Souferrie, and a bus back. The Cat pulls into beautiful Margot Bay, get you close to the Pitons and another bay for some swimming. Bus trip back stops at Drive through Volcano and a cocoa plantation. Beautiful scenery and island. Great guides. Just an alternative suggestion. I second the suggestions of The Baths at Virgin Gorda on your Tortola stop. You can do it on your own. No problem
  10. I'm not sure about all netbooks, but I have an Acer and it has a setting that automatically logs you off any site when you shut down your computer. I accidentally shut down on our last cruise, remembered about the CC warnings and logged back on. I had been signed out automatically, that's when I remembered the setting. I just looked for the setting and can't find it right now. I'll try to get more info later.
  11. This might help........it's from the Sapphire in 2010 I believe. Bar Menus - Lee's Photos
  12. The ever dwindling supply. I wonder how much longer the FF programs will last.
  13. I did check open jaw tickets once and it was real confusing if the start and finish were in different regions. On our last cruise Panama Canal/FLL to LA, we couldn't use miles for both legs as the return flight from LAX to PHX was too short. The one way tickets should work out very well in that regard.
  14. Now I'm confused. I have used FF miles for Caribbean cruises and the only difference is domestic /international and first class/coach as to amount of miles used. Ours are United miles, maybe different programs have different rules?
  15. We purchased two FCC's while on the Crown in Apr 08. We used one FCC to bokk a PC cruise on the Island in Apr 10. We both received the OBC. I think the difference was that we booked the Pc cruise prior to the change which I think was in Sep 09.
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