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  1. CrazyCarrie3

    Celebrity's new smoking policy

    I couldn't be happier about this new policy, but my husband is ticked. He loves a good cigar when we cruise.
  2. CrazyCarrie3

    The Big Red Boat

    The BRB was our first cruise too. We went for Thanksgiving in 1989. We also got married on that trip! Sad that it's just rotting away somewhere!
  3. I agree. I can't even imagine how much fuel is used on a typical cruise!:eek:
  4. CrazyCarrie3

    NCL Weddings

    We were married 11/27/89 in Nassau on a cruise with The Big Red Boat. They're no longer in business but they sure were nice. Good luck with your wedding!:)
  5. CrazyCarrie3

    NCL Weddings

    Congratulations! My husband and I got hitched on a cruise too. So why eloping if I might ask? It was so wonderful to share our wedding with all our friends and family. But I understand times are tight so not everyone can afford to cruise for a wedding.