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  1. Any takers for this cruise? Points of view on whether France and Italy will allow independent touring?
  2. Also scuba divers, and we have done several SeaDream trips. Very occasionally they will offer a shore excursion with a diving component, but this is really not their specialty, and it is tough for them to hit their excursion minimums. We have had more luck contracting separately with dive shops, who are typically very happy to do dock pickups and dropoffs. This also allows you to research the dive operation ahead of time for safety protocols, etc (we are quite careful). Obviously, you want to keep an eye on arrival and departure times from a port to ensure you can comfortably make it back to the ship.
  3. Not terribly surprised by this. The return test is a US government requirement, as I understand it, and I believe the 72 hour PCR prior test is an EU requirement? IF the exchange for the extra antigen testing is a relaxed mask policy on board, then it seems worth it. Any word on onboard expectations? Your overall statement though is right - cruisers have a lot of testing for a 1 week cruise right now. Appreciate the update.
  4. I will be glad when Seadream publishes their guidelines - vaccinations, testing, tours. Heading out in September and there is a lot of fuzziness right now that makes it difficult to plan shore excursions. and JES - the first SD1 trip I see is Aug 2. 7 weeks doesn’t sound like a lot of time to get the ship ready for passengers and down to the Med.
  5. Quick question - I searched the newbie tips and the forum but couldn't find the answer. When is the earliest that I could book a spa appointment? I want to be sure to land one for our at sea day.
  6. Just popping in to echo the thanks to Andreas for the posts and the blog. A huge step forward.
  7. Me, on the other hand? I AM angry. Or at least, profoundly disappointed. I have been on multiple Seadream cruises, and have so many happy memories of the crew and the experience. We could have/would have been loyal customers for many more years. This situation is indeed tough for the travel industry, and we all get it. However, I resent the total absence of communication and transparency by Seadream - regarding cruise scheduling, employee welfare, website updates, and refund timing. A child could have crafted a better PR strategy on the back of one of their cocktail napkins. Instead, we have been expected to provide a 90 day interest free loan (hopefully that is all) with no assurance that the money will be forthcoming. As to the comment up thread regarding tight cash flow - yes, of course. That is what bank lines of credit are for. Instead of going to its banks, Seadream has used its clients. I hope that Seadream will survive and rebound after this period. But, in the meantime, I am letting my credit card company do my talking for me. Presumably Seadream answers THEIR emails.
  8. JES - thanks for posting that link, which I think captures the issue very well. Most of us who are on this forum, and fortunate enough to be able to afford a Seadream cruise, have effectively become “loan officers”. Our dog walker who lost 99% of her business and has no health insurance? Check. Our favorite local restaurant that is selling gift cards and has committed to 70% of the cash going to employees? Check. A vacation cottage supplementing the income of a retired couple? Check. Our daughter’s wedding photographer (the wedding is postponed indefinitely) who now has zero bookings for peak season? Check. Had Seadream been more transparent about how this cash would be used to support its amazing crew, there might have been a Check. But right now that cash is competing with the needs of many others, including of course food banks and homeless shelters. Seadream has just not acknowledged that we are all facing choices.
  9. Actually - capacity is 84/day x 5 days per week x 4 weeks per mo, or 1680 per month. So, they could refund an entire 2 months of demand in 2 weeks. If they wanted to.
  10. Ditto here. After many Seadream cruises, I am so disappointed by the poor communication and lack of customer focus. I am out. Out of our next cruise, and probably out of the franchise forever. Also getting the 90 days to refund message. Sounds like a pretty big liquidity problem. Think carefully about accepting a future cruise credit.
  11. We are pleased to offer you a 100% voyage credit to be used towards a future sailing through the end of 2021 on SeaDream I or II. Wait a minute, what???? They cancel and you only get a voyage credit? No refund?
  12. Portugal just announced that only Portuguese citizens can disembark from cruise ships. Going to be a long dry dock for the crew.
  13. Now both Spain and Italy are completely locked down. While I know the situation is rapidly evolving, I do wish Seadream would be more proactive with their communication to booked passengers. I feel like we are all playing a game of chicken, deciding whether to cancel or waiting for them to cancel. Smaller companies are supposed to be more nimble, not less.
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