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  1. Kero Kitty

    CB Red Hook Car Service Pickup

    Thank you amy&ryan. I called Carmel and they were very polite, helpful and great to work with. I will let everyone know how it goes once we get back from our cruise on August 6-15.
  2. Kero Kitty

    vaccinations in Western Caribbean?

    The thing with Hep A is that it is easily transmitted. At this point its a little late to get the vaccine. It takes 2 weeks before its active in your system. I would say just to be safe, don't eat off the ship if you can help it at all and keep some anti-bacterial hand sanitizer with you EVERYWHERE. Washing hands in local water (even salt water) could be a transmitter more than a preventative measure. The bug spray is a good idea, but in many countries the food sanitation requirements aren't as good or heavily enforced so just be a little more cautious than you would at home. Good luck and good luck!
  3. Kero Kitty

    The non free stuff.

    A lot of the options for gym classes and various activities will list behind them if there is a fee or a 'nominal charge' as they call it when they show the schedule in the days Patters. Your best bet for any activities that are classes or special limited group events is to simply ask.
  4. Kero Kitty

    Sunday Mass help

    Since we will be stopping off in San Juan for all day Sunday on our cruise DH and I wanted to try and hit a Roman Catholic Mass in Old San Juan. Could anyone recommend what church to go to, and if anyone has directions that would be great.
  5. Kero Kitty

    Help with Ferry Info from Kings Wharf

    We are docking at King's Wharf with the Caribbean Princess in August and I wanted to know if anyone has taken the ferry from Kings Wharf to St. George and if so, where do you get your day pass at for the ferry. I checked the website and it lists locations in Hamilton but nothing at the Dockyard, so I was hoping someone would have done this before. We are hoping to hop the ferry and go out to Alexandra Battery Park from the St. George ferry dock. If anyone has done this could you give me a ballpark price for a taxi out there or directions to walk it. Thx.
  6. As I have noticed Sandytoes has given a great review of Sapphire Beach in St. Thomas (we may see you there Sandy), so we have decided to go with her recommendations and hit Sapphire Beach to snorkel the day away, but my concern is...what do I do with my bag and shoes that I bring along. Can we trust just leaving them on the beach or do we only bring what can go in the water with us. Are there storage lockers or anything there?