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  1. Hello,  my boyfriend and I will be on the Serenity in Jan 2021, going from Miami to LA.  First time on Crystal Ocean and the canal (we've only done Crystal once which was last fall on the Bach).  I have a few questions:

    1.  In that picture of the ship entering the canal, is that deck open to the public?  And is that a hot tub in the middle?  Can anyone use that hot tub?

    2.  What is the mall you mentioned? Is that in the middle of downtown?

    3.  Dress Code:  My boyfriend is an engineer here in Silicon Valley, where dress is very casual.  Thus, he wears jeans everyday and is most comfortable in them.  For non-BTO nights, can he wear nice jeans to Waterside with a nice polo shirt?  And for BTO nights, can he get by with wearing nice pants with a dress shirt and no tie?   I am not about to require him to wear a suit or sportcoat in hot and humid weather.  Will they turn him away in Waterside or Umi if he does not have a suit or sportcoat on?


    Thanks, Christine

  2. Our first ocean Crystal cruise is not until next year but can my boyfriend wear nice jeans and a polo top to dinner?

    He is the typical Silicon Valley engineer who wears jeans to work every day.  They are nice jeans (not ripped or faded or anything) and that's what he feels most comfortable in.  Will that be frowned upon?

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  3. We just got off the Bach last week.  Wonderful first River and Crystal cruise!!!  I will not be able to cruise any other line again as I have been officially "Crystalized"!  We were in a deluxe room and had plenty of room for the two of us.  Nice size walk-in closet, large bathroom with two sinks and very nice comfortable king bed.  We didn't even miss the balcony--the pano window was nice enough.

    Regarding the luggage, our large 30" hardcase Away luggage fit under the bed with just a little wiggling.


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  4. Shorefolks: We, too, are on a BA-Rio roundtrip cruise in Feb. Are you going to Carnivale? Anyway, at least you got your visa the same day. The process here in San Francisco is very different. First, you do have to complete the online form and print out the receipt. Then, you have to make an appt at the SF consulate just to drop off the paperwork and passport in person (we are taking off of work to do that this Friday). Finally, you then have to go BACK to the consulate 5 days later to pick up the visa. I don't understand why they just can't do everything in one visit! So frustrating... Is it that hard the other way around (to get a tourist visa for the US)?

  5. I originally booked us in a 2B Veranda room, right in the middle of the ship for our Rio Carnivale cruise in Feb 2018. One day, I was checking around and found a C3 in the very back of the ship for $600 LESS than our 2B room. The agent suggested I jump on this right away (which I did!). BTW, this will be our first time on Celebrity. Does this happen often, that an upgrade actually costs lower??

  6. We will be boarding the Infinity on Feb 4th 2018 in Buenos Aires for a 14-night cruise.

    Will Infinity have something on board for Superbowl? If not, I guess we can always find a sports bar in BA since the ship does not actually leave until the next day but would like to stay on board.

    What are your experiences with watching big sporting events on the cruise?


    Back in 2010, Royal had a pretty big watch party on the main "street" of the cruise for the World Cup. Special Drinks and I believe they had food stations there, too.


    - Christine

  7. What a small world, I am from Sunnyvale, too! (my boyfriend and I). We live off Wolfe, very close to the Cupertino border. Just curious, but do you rent a car one-way to SFO? I would've never thought of doing that! Do you find that is cheaper than a taxi or Uber?

    Have a wonderful cruise!

    I think our next one will be South America and Rio for Carnival in Feb 2018 for my 50th bday. It will be our first time on Celebrity.

  8. Hi Everyone, well after all the planning and waiting, our cruise came and went and I am now suffering from Post Vacation Blues! I will write a detailed review soon but for now I can comment on any of the following topics. All in all, we had a WONDERFUL vacation!


    Whale Watching with Harv and Marv

    Heli Glacier Trekking in Skagway (Dog Sled cancelled due to fog)

    Deadliest Catch Fisherman's Cruise

    Lumberjack show


    Unlimited Alcohol Package (best purchase ever!)

    Crown Grill

    Chef's Table (one of the best dinners in my entire life!!)

    Late traditional dining in Caneletto (could never find this place!)

    Casino (donated every night on the Craps table)

    $100 Portrait package

    at sea activities (tap dance class, bingo, MUTS, pool games)

    Intl Cafe and Piazza and Vines (my favorite bar on the ship)


    Mini-Suite (Dolphin 402)--smack dab in the middle of the ship


    Loved Alaska but I think the next trip is South America (looking at 17-day cruise with Princess)


    - Christine

  9. Lorielucks (or anyone else on the Golden now): Since you're on the Golden right now, can you ask the Photo Dept if this package is going to be on every itinerary going forward? I'm on the July 21st sailing and would LOVE to purchase the digital package since I do digital scrapbooking. Thanks!


    1st time on Princess and 1st time to Alaska!!

    Thanks to cc and these forums for all the info and help!


    1. July 21 - Drive 45 min to SF and board Golden Princess

    2. July 22 - at sea

    3. July 23 - at sea

    4. July 24 - Juneau: Harv & Marv Whale Watching

    5. July 25 Skagway and Ed's Birthday!! We are booked on a helicopter ride to glacier with dog sled ride (booked directly with Princess)

    6. July 26 - Glacier Bay: cruising

    7. July 27 - Ketchikan: "Deadliest Catch" boat trip (booked directly with company), lunch and walking around town, 3:00 Lumberjack show

    8. July 28 - at sea

    9. July 29 - Victoria: no excursions planned; will walk around waterfront or maybe rent a car to visit Butchard Gardens

    10. July 30 - at sea

    11. July 31 - back home in SF!

  11. Since we both had yesterday off from work, my boyfriend and I decided to head to the city for lunch. While driving around, we passed by the new terminal (Pier 27) in SF. It is very impressive! Nice grass lawn outside and easy 1/2 circle drop-off. We didn't get a chance to go inside and there was no ship in town yesterday. But it is easy to find (right off Embarcadero with easy signs) and I saw the site "55 Parking Lot" across the street. As far as hotels, I would say the nearest ones would be Sheraton Fisherman's Wharf, Radisson Hotel, and Hyatt Regency Embarcadero. Although I couldn't see walking from any hotel to the pier with luggage--it's too easy to jump in a taxi. Also, there are many restaurants in FW or it's easy enough to catch a cab to any other part of the city. Hope this helps!

  12. Does every bottle that you bring to the MDR need a sticker? If I bring on 6 bottles for the two of us and I only get 4 stickers for the bottles that I pay corkage for, what about the remaining two bottles that are "free" of corkage fees? Can I NOT bring those to dinner?

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