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  1. I got the Key (at $19.99) for an upcoming cruise but there are only two of us, it's a three night cruise and we were planning on getting internet anyway. It was an extra $29 and some change per person for us to change the drink package with internet to the drink package and Key. I figure the meal and priority embarkation and debarkation make it worth the extra money. I'm not sure if I would do it on a longer cruise with a larger group. It remains to be seen whether it is worth it.
  2. My Mariner May 17 cruise has been fluctuating between $52 and $56. Not less. I'll keep checking but the price discrepancies are so interesting.
  3. I just got this for the Mariner next month for $19.99. It's a three night cruise and we were already planning on getting an internet package so it's under $30 more for the Key. I think the priority embarkation and debarkation alone may be worth it. And I fully plan on taking advantage of the other perks. I'll report back after the trip.
  4. I didn't print my e-docs or luggage tags (and didn't know my room number) prior to boarding my cruise. No issues, the porters had a list of cabins and they gave me the luggage tags there and I wasn't even asked for my e-docs at the counter.
  5. What does any of this have to do with the jumper? I'm so confused.
  6. We rented cars in every port. I initially booked throug Costco travel but then tried Autoslash which saved around $75. We also upgraded to convertibles at the rental car desks for much less than we would have paid to rent the convertible initially. If you have the Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card (a great way to earn points for travel), they operate as a primary rental car insurer if you pay with that card and decline coverage at the desk. (They also have great trip interruption and cancellation benefits).
  7. My bid from inside to oceanview was approved the Thursday before my Saturday sailing. But I had booked the cruise about 2.5 weeks prior to sailing (and got the upgrade email the day after I booked).
  8. Interesting that they’re going 250 miles out. We were on the July 28 cruise and the crew was telling us all about the difference between POA and non-US flagged cruise ships, the main point being that the POA never hits international waters and mostly stays around 6 miles off shore.
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