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  1. For those of you that are keeping up with David and Sally Abel. They've sent an update and things are getting a little better for them. David Abel 19 mins · From the REAL David Abel 🙂 Sally & I packed and waited 8 hours in the cabin to be transported to a hostel. We are still on the ship! They do NOT send folk with the virus to a hostel! Massive communication error yesterday. The Japanese quarantine officials to not speak any English. They came to our door & told us to be ready to be taken to the hostel. My mindset was ‘virus’ and said ‘positive then’. He nodded. I don’t think he was saying yes to the virus but positive we were moving out?? He followed up by saying it will probably be just 4 or 5 days. You would not say that to a virus victim. The consulate in Tokyo are being very good with me. I am being listened to and Sally & I feel really well. I will get more info out when I know what’s happening. Thank you for your love and concern. Sally & David xx
  2. Thanks so much! That will be great. I get on 2/21.
  3. The Local on NCL Sky. Anyone have a menu & actual hours? I've heard the hours are not actually 24 hours. And I was wondering if their menu is the same The Local on other ships. I'm going next month. Thanks!
  4. I saw an article today about this. https://www.cruisehive.com/cruise-ship-visits-to-san-juan-puerto-rico-are-being-canceled/35941 I love San Juan. Sure hope they work this out.
  5. Thanks everybody. No lines sounds good. Nice big breakfast. Possible standby.
  6. How late can you stay on the ship? We have a late flight out on our last day on NCL Escape in NYC. We were hoping to grab something for lunch/brunch before we spend hours in LaGuardia ("free" NCL airfare).
  7. I upgraded on line yesterday, paid for it, and there was a quirk in their program. It arbitrarily put an additional $124.50 as some kind of gratuity with that amount owed as a final payment on my bill. We're paid in full and it's past the final payment date anyway so I didn't want my booking to be in jeopardy. So I had to call, stay on hold 45 minutes and have them fix it. They did. I have to say, NCL is a lot better at cruising than they are with customer service... But anyway, now we have unlimited internet and a settled bill. FYI
  8. Thank you all! That's a relief that they have continued service to St. George's. We want to get there by 10:00 am to catch the public tour and Dunking of Wench. I saw the construction too. And thanks so much for the map. I'll let our CC group know we can count on the NCL ferry service. 🤗 Enjoy you all's vacations!! I'll be wishing I was there LOL!
  9. Hi everyone, I read on a review that the free NCL ferry to St. George's had a wreck on the rocks in July. Does anyone know anything about it? We were planning to use it on our cruise. Now I don't see it at the dock in front of the customs house next to the ship on the Bermuda Port Cam. Does anyone know what NCL is doing in the mean time to get to St. George's? Thanks! Kara 🙂
  10. Join ShipCabins.com & you can see photos of rooms that passengers have posted. I use it all the time when booking a room. Or just looking at ship photos LOL!
  11. I've been on the Sky twice. Once to Cuba and once just for a quick Bahama getaway. The free bar is great! No barf bag though. Now I feel left out LOL! She's a small ship but they did well with the refurb. Everything looked nice and was in good shape. Staff is fantastic! Rich wood finishes. Nice size cabins. Food was good. The Great Outdoor Cafe is a fantastic spot to have breakfast. Great view! You'll have fun!
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