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  1. Fantastic that you enjoyed it so much! I love how video can capture moments in time that photos simply do not! And this is coming from a photographer - hah!
  2. Molokay's was very good! We recommend the coconut shrimp! It is not on the menu, but ask for it. SOOO tasty! Also get a coconut at Molokay! The milk and meat is so good! Now I am hungry! hehe I'll try and post up a review of our trip, destinations, pictures and more very soon.
  3. Do you have a newer and fast computer? If not, that is more than likely why it is skipping. Where the video is playing, you will see a button that says "HD is on", simply click that and it will change it to non-HD so you can watch it. The hotel is Krystals.
  4. Hi All, Took a cruise on the Carnival Pride from June 1st to the 8th and had a blast! First time cruisers but not the last! I got a new HD video camera and have uploaded the video below. It shows all 3 ports of calls. It is good because it can give people a better idea of what the areas look like. Let me know what you think! PS: This video quality is so-so. Full HD looks awesome! :D
  5. Cabo! We took a tour with Pez Gato during our trip on June 1st to the 8th. For $45 per person, you get an open bar (Beer, Margaritas, Tequila!) and a great lunch. From the port it is about a 45 min ride to the snorkleing area. Water is about 20 ft deep, tons of fish, warm, and clear!! You can swim to the beach which is like 50-75 ft away and lounge. The beach is amazing! No one is there and the sand is incredible. I was loving every minute!
  6. Picture is exactly the same of what we had. We just got back today from our trip on the Pride. The room is great. Enjoy!
  7. Thoughts? Leave this Sunday! Hehe. Thanks! PS: How far are each of these from the boat dock?
  8. Are things generally safe in the cabin? Thank you!
  9. We leave this Sunday for our trip..Hmm... It looks to be a few hundred miles from Puerto Vallarta. Wonder how far out these surfers were.
  10. Thanks for the fast replies all! I'll bring some cash. Now the hard part - how much. Haha. Thanks!
  11. Hi All, Going to the Mexican Riviera and am wondering if I need to bring a TON of cash onto the ship or if I can get it on the ship? Thanks! !
  12. We are going to do the PezGato snorkeling but not through the ship. It says it goes from 11 AM to 3 PM.
  13. No reply back from my emails to them multiple times. Err... and we leave on June 1st!
  14. Hi All, Trying to plan a trip in Cabo and am wondering what the last time the tender is for Cabo back to the ship. If the trip ends at 3 PM and it says we leave at 4 PM , will I be fine? I'll be on the Carnival Pride. Thanks!
  15. Hi All, Would like to know if we need to purchase (bring from home) our own beach towels when we go on our excursions or can we simply take them from the ship? Thank you.
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