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  1. I am hopeful things will become clearer after the Greek cruises have set sail. Personally, being forced to go only on ship excursions is a deal breaker for me. Especially in Italy where I know several outstanding guides I always use whenever I go there, (If I decide I dont want to explore on my own.) one or two ship excursions might be acceptable but no more than that.
  2. Yes I read that after I posted the message. Sorry about the confusion. You are correct and it makes perfect sense. Personally I am happier being served at buffets anyway, as sometimes people pick up food and then put it back without thinking of how unsanitary that is even under normal circumstances.
  3. Curious as to how they will handle disembarkation is there is only one dining room? And since there will be no buffet, will they convert that area into another dining room, or perhaps a cafe where you cannot serve yourself. The dining room may be very crowded if that is the only option other than a boxed meal.
  4. Same here. You have to go through a mock booking sometimes to see that the cruise has a reduced single supplement. I have seen both 50% and 75% single supplements that weren’t advertised and just showed up when pricing.
  5. I would check why it doesn’t work. But one thing is I think the cabin category must be the same. I know on mine I was able to book the same cabin.
  6. I was just going to cancel my 10 night November 2020 cruise from Barcelona to Lisbon but since I had booked onboard, decided to see if I could switch it to an 11 Night Athens RT cruise in October 2021 that goes to some unusual ports in Greece and Turkey and spends two full days in Istanbul. That way I would not lose my OBC or booking discount. To me, the cruises were not really comparable but I guess they met the Azamara criteria so the switch was approved. Same cabin on the 2021 cruise, one more night, and a savings of $2,000 on my cabin. Plus I got to keep my $300 OBC! T
  7. Who wants to go on a cruise wearing a mask? Who wants to walk around Europe or anywhere else with many attractions possibly closed (and wearing a mask). Who wants to fly 12 hours in a mask? I don't.😱 Think I will wait for a vaccine or effective virus medication before I think of traveling to Europe or going on a cruise again.
  8. I also cancelled on March 10 but the cruise was for May 14. I received my fcc letter in about two weeks but they did not attach the FCC to it so it had to be redone. It took me almost two more weeks to receive the 50% cash refund for the cruise and the air refund but at lest I received it. I still can’t figure out how it was computed but since it was a little more than I expected I just accepted it and moved on. Reading these boards I realize I was lucky.
  9. It seems to me that the people who received 50%cash and 50% FCC received their refunds faster than those who got the 100%cash or 125%fcc. It took me almost a month to receive the 50/50 cash and FCC but at least I received it. A bird in the hand...and all that!😁😁
  10. No problem being optimistic. Just be sure you have a large supply of masks and gloves. You will need them!
  11. Many booking sites, airlines and tour companies are also dragging their feet on refunds. I got my refund from AZ for a May 14 cruise that I canceled on March 9, but it took about a month and I got 50% FCC and 50% refund. Refunds will take even even longer once more cruises past May 11 are cancelled. good luck. Azamara makes many mistakes normally and esp during this period, probably due to the volume they are processing. So hopefully yours will get sorted out. Glad I didn’t have to fight it out with them.
  12. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bloomberg.com/amp/news/articles/2020-04-10/cdc-s-no-sail-order-for-cruise-ships-extended-by-100-more-days
  13. Thank you for this information. I also canceled my May 14 cruise on March 10. At the time, I was told that a 50% Cash refund, a refund of all taxes and a full cash refund of choice air would occur within the next 10-14 working days, as would the 50% FCC. I received my FCC by email about a week ago, however have not received anything else as of today April 6th. I plan on contacting my travel agent after Easter to follow up if I have not received anything by then. I figure that will be more than sufficient time to expect a refund especially since my cruise was cancelled on regu
  14. I called the skymiles number and they connected me within 10 minutes. This was about a week ago. They said the miles would be redeposited into my account wih no fee and they would refund the taxes back to my credit card. you should be able to find the sky miles number on the Delta site.
  15. I am only concerned about choice air. Had no problems canceling direct flights and receiving full refunds immediately.
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