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  1. Good photo Phil. I wouldn't mind a smaller bed for one person, but I guess you cant have everything. Those cabins are outstanding value, especially if you snag the right ones. The location is the best, IMO. Anne
  2. I have been in 6036 and really liked it. Both that cabin and 6039 are between the lifeboats so you can see out. I have not been in the corner cabins at the ends so cannot comment on that but definitely would choose 6036 or 6039. I will mention that I travel alone so no problems with space or closet. Also I do not order room service so do t need the couch or coffee table. The desk was fine for my needs and the cabin was cozy for one person. The only thing I needed to remember was to keep the blinds closed when the crew was working on the lifeboats outside the window! Anne
  3. On a positive note regarding the upgrade promotion, I just noticed that there are very low single supplements on several of the Azamara cruises in the Mediterranean, including the 2020 spring TA on Pursuit. These are mostly on cruises between April and May on some of the more common routes but some of the prices are excellent if you are traveling alone. (Especially the TA and the May 14 repo from Lisbon to Southampton). These cruises are not advertised as solo deals, but they certainly are. Hope some other singles out there can take advantage.
  4. I am on the November 8, 2019 Connie too. This will be my second time doing this itinerary. The first was 6 years ago in November and we got lucky with the weather. Hopefully that is the case this year. See you onboard cruisecatmomma and Denie! And Joel, thanks for the great review!
  5. No kidding! I happened to check on a cruise I am booked on next November 2020 in an OV cabin and my cabin went up from $4,900 to over 7,200. In addition, Azamara increased the price of the insides on that cruise even more so that people who have not been tracking prices would think that the double upgrade prices are such a great deal when in fact they are higher than they were yesterday before the promotion. I doubt anyone will get a cheap upgrade on a new booking, although it is possible that the verandas of some people already booked might have gone down on some cruises. So if the bottom line is what you want to pay, go for it. I think most of us experienced cruisers are used to the games all the cruise lines play and don’t jump on them as enthusiastically if at all.
  6. Looking forward to meeting you all. I have taken a similar cruise in 2013 and loved it so doing a repeat. anne
  7. I saw it a couple years ago. Like you, I have a degree in Art History and early Flemish painting is one of my favorite periods . The Ghent Altarpiece was on top on my list and It did not disappoint as long as you get there when the church opens and before the crowds of tourists. I was able to spend 30 minutes alone in the chapel with the triptych but I took a taxi, not a tour. I think you can get in at 9 am and perhaps earlier. When I left there was a group waiting to get inside and I would not have wanted to be rushed with all those people! Ghent is a charming place and not as touristy as Bruges. Good luck.
  8. Are you on the November 8 cruise? If so, see you there. Be sure to join the rollcall if you haven’t already. i was on Connie last October and found the food in the MDR to be outstanding overall. Indian food in the buffet always very good too. I agree that the crew is outstanding but hope we have a buffet in Tuscan Grille Captains Club breakfast. Don’t like the plated breakfasts. I much prefer the smaller M class ships.
  9. I second the Mediterranean cruises. Much more interesting and exciting than the Baltic and you will see so many sights you have studied and read about, especially in Ports like Rome, Venice, Florence and Barcelona. I have been traveling regularly to Europe for over 40 years and still remember my first views of the Forum, Colosseum, Sistine Chapel, Michaelangelo’s David, Sagrada Familia, St Marks square, etc. These are the familiar sights we all know in the countries of the Mediterranean region and it is thrilling to see them in person. Any itinerary between Lisbon or Barcelona to Rome or Venice is great, also Istanbul if it is on the itinerary. Greek islands are beautiful too, but Athens not so much. Also the Adriatic is gorgeous. But do NOT go during June, July or August when temperatures are ridiculous, crowds are huge and you get mosquitoes galore. Best months IMO are April, May, late September to October.
  10. Sorry but I must disagree. I just booked open jaw in business class both ways on choice air next May LAX-CPH and CDG to LAX on Delta/Air France for $2,300. The same fare booking directly on Delta is over $5,000. I would say that is a large savings. Maybe you are talking about economy but not the higher class fares. also just got a OW fare in business class in November through choice air for $874 CDG to LAX nonstop on one of the new Delta suites. Airlines would cost 5x that much or more. usually great deals are to be had through choice air on the higher class fares or OW fares but you have to do your homework to get them.
  11. Oatmeal cookies (when you can find them.)
  12. I am paying $726 to fly one way NS CDG to LAX NS business class on Air France in November. So there are still deals depending on where you go. I have found fares going through CDG to LAX to be better deals especially through Air France and Delta. But I had to look hard to find decent business class RT fares for next spring. Also returning from CDG. And open jaw from LAX to Copenhagen and back from CDG in May is costing me $2,500 in business class on Air France. i think the days of cheap upper class fares via choice air may be coming to an end.
  13. Unfortunately I only began sailing Azamara recently so missed out on the good old days for the most part. I like the experience once I am onboard but sometimes dealing with customer service and the web page (as a single) is just so frustrating that I never get that far unfortunately. I have noticed some very good fares in the UK but I don't like their cancellation terms. I am an experienced traveler though and know how to get the deals, generally, if they are to be had, so I will just keep trying and have a look at Silversea and Crystal. Even Celebrity has significantly increased prices so that they are comparable with Azamara on some itineraries, like the Adriatic. Anne
  14. Thanks for your help Bonnie. The prices on all the Alaska cruises now are at least $2,000 more than they were when I last looked so I have lost interest. I was not that keen to go to Alaska anyway and it was the exceptionally low prices about a month ago that tempted me. Since they are long gone, so is my interest. Anne
  15. Thanks Bonnie. but in the meantime the prices have gone up considerably and I just gave up on the cruise. Anne
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