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  1. OK what am I being charged for phoning 0844 4934070 I was on today for 2 hrs (last week was on for 1hr 10mins)


    Names were wrong and deposit had not been transfered



    Now on the phone I found the invoice is also now wrong (and although she could see it was different to the one sent to me she could not fix it today) and they have LOST my bought OBC (£300)



    They can't sort today so need to call back Monday - I want to charge them for my time and the price of the call if not free.



    Can any help with cost of the call.


    0843 and 0844

    How much do calls cost? Calls are charged between 1p and 13p per minute for landline customers, plus a call set-up fee. Calls from mobile phones are typically charged between 5p and 41p per minute, depending on the provider and the number called.


    Source - Ofcom - http://consumers.ofcom.org.uk/phone/how-much-does-a-phone-call-really-cost/

  2. Thought I will update this again. I actually emailed RCI regarding the F&F certificate prior to my original question here and they finally got back to me a week later and this is what they said:-


    "We no longer offer the friends and family Next Cruise Vouchers, we still

    honor this promotion but only for Next Cruise Vouchers processed before the

    16th March 2013."


    Thank you for coming back and letting everyone know :D

  3. I have booked through the UK but I am not a member of C&A as this will be our first Royal Carib cruise. Booking with them seems to have been more problematic than other cruises I have done- partially my fault for changing things - but could not refuse an extra room and money back ;)


    Oh dear I would say another call to Guatemala may be required, especially with wrong info on the reservations...if you don't get that sorted now then they might try and charge you for it later when the correct information is put on there.

  4. Hi we originally booked 1 ocean view cabin for 4 and today I changed it to 2 rooms of 2 in each (was a lot less money now saved $750). I did this on the phone. I have now checked the web my booking page and it now states that the 2 new rooms are on hold and the old booking is still under reserved.

    1.Is that normal?


    2.Also on the phone the rep said it will take about 3 weeks to transfer over the deposit from one to the other, but final payment is on Saturday - will that be an issue. Should I just pay it all now, if so how do I get the origninal deposit back - can it just be turned into on board credit?


    3. They new on hold bookings have all our dates of birth wrong. Is that an issue do I have to phone (on hold 40 mins today) to correct this?


    Thanks for any help


    Did you book this in the UK or USA ?


    If UK then it will be a different number from the one Bob gave you.


    Try this one - 01932 834300


    One of the selections should be Crown & Anchor.

  5. Are you sure? Do you have a source for that info? Last time I checked they didn't believe the ports of call around China had sufficient infrastructure to cater to an Oasis Class ship. Probably only Hong Kong.


    It came from guests who were told while on Anthem ...sorry I don't have any further info.

  6. What sea route do you think she will take? Isn't she too wide for the canal? Will she stop on the West coast, Honolulu? WOW, What a re-positioning cruise.


    I heard last week that Oasis was going to be joining Ovation in China, I wonder if it will happen perhaps after she does some time in PC ?

  7. The Aquatheatre camera has to have been moved intentionally because it's moved and zoomed in at the same time, however pool and sports zone may have been accidental, but then I would understand why they would move that intentionally.


    The marketing team who are responsible for keeping the changes secret know this site exists, and knows that people will look at the webcams and will make sure nothing is revealed over them before they make any official announcement.


    Aquatheatre cam has been moved again back to normal view.


    In the pool & sports zone there is something blue on the right hand side sort of tube like or tunnel like...would that maybe just be one of these tubes for rubbish etc ?

  8. It's a shame that there isn't a webcam looking where the waterslides should be, we would know by now if she's getting them this dry dock


    Oh now that would be extra cool to watch if there was a camera. :D


    I wonder if there is anywhere or anything nearby the dry dock that may have a camera that we might get a glimpse of what's going on in the Central Park area etc ?

  9. Allure has arrived at Cadiz and very close to the drydock. I bet tomorrow the web cams will be buzzing with activity, or shut off.


    Shhhh the webcams are still on :D


    Oh :eek: scaffolding has now appeared at the Aquatheatre this morning. Work continuing at the Flowrider.



  10. I don't see how that would be a problem. They are both very different bars, and Schooner is one floor above. Bionic Bar would be a novelty which would be a great "display" for the Promenade where as the pub is more the traditional sitting venue. Besides that, the Bionic Bar only serves cocktails which the Pub doesn't.


    Pub has a singer, Schooner Bar has piano player/singer, Bionic Bar has music too....so that would be three different kinds of music in very close proximity.

  11. I'm not thinking that this is high I their priority/damage control list, but it would be nice to get something other than a canned, legally advised, un-informed answer from Royal Caribbean.


    They pay the marketing companies a lot of money to market correctly their product. The marketing companies have falsely advertised the product.


    The marketing depts in the UK and the US have been given the info that there is proof out there that Dreamworks was advertised as being on Anthem of the Seas. What they do with it ..who knows...if guests who are affected by this false advertising want to let the bosses know that is entirely up to them.


    UK guests have gone to the MD of RCCL UK and his team basically called them liars...so if guests want someone higher to go to then now they have the email addresses of those to contact.

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