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  1. Charles - Thanks for the info!!! We just booked May 2022, so if all goes well Covid-wise I expect the Orange Line to be operating. For both the Hamilton and the St Georges ferries, is there normally a problem getting seats on the last and next to last returns to the Dockyard? Thanks, Ken
  2. On the Department of Marine and Ports Services 2021 Ferry Schedule , I don't see a Orange St Georges schedule? Can I go directly to the Ferry and pay cash? When I buy a ferry ticket from the dockyard, can I buy a return ticket from Hamilton or St Georges for a specific return departure Time? Did the Ferry ever go to On-Line Ticket purchases, as was discussed some time ago? Thanks, Ken
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  4. For a Booking a Boardwalk Balcony Cabin, one of the on-line Agencies gave us free gratuities and $50 OBC, in Addition to Royal's $75 OBC and free sodas + JR's meal (which they later switched to $50 OBC). They seem to offer periodically. This likely only applies to the pricier cabins. Ken
  5. Yvonne - The Solarium Café thing WAS disappointing - it's healthier, less crowded and convenient to the Solarium. The Compass files are PDF format - clicking on them SHOULD initiate the PDF reader and at page bottom give you option to OPEN or SAVE - I just tried (on same computer I used to post) and it worked. ????? They ARE large. If others can't see I'll try to post differently. Ken
  6. Allure of the Seas 19 to 26 January 2020 St Maarten, San Juan and Coco Cay This will be more information than narrative, which others have done MUCH BETTER. Compass scans in B/W PDF format are attached. Booking & Cabin: We booked AFT Boardwalk Balcony Category “I” (Cabin 11727 second from the end) when the bookings opened and prices only went up. There was some noticeable ship motion one day/evening and noticeable structural creaking and motion on Deck 11 – enough to worry DW. There was no objectionable noise from the Boardwalk but next time I’d book o
  7. We have 11:00AM assigned arrival time; our traveling companions waited to check-in and were assigned 3:00PM. How strict are they on enforcing the assigned arrival times? Thanks, Ken
  8. No problems with noise - in retrospect I might have booked further aft overlooking the foliage and such. See attached photo for room orientation (sorry about the clutter!!!). We're returning this January this time in one of the aft-most Boardwalk Balconies Deck 11. Enjoy November! Ken
  9. Allure Inside CAT CP Cabin 9205 above Park Café and across from Giovanni's.
  10. Ken076

    Horseshoe Beach

    What are the transportation options/costs Hamilton to Horseshoe Beach? Thanks, Ken
  11. Checkout some of the Maritime Law Firm sites in Miami. Check FAQ's and maybe contact them. Ken
  12. What service do you use Philadelphia to Cape Liberty? Thanks, Ken
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