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  1. It might be worth going into your accounts (whilst you still can) and down loading your cruise history or printing off a hard copy. When Princess cruises re vamped their system a few years ago, many passengers lost all or some of their cruise history and it took many months for it to be sorted and their lost cruises reinstated.
  2. I got a similar call regarding my last Azamara Cruise a few months ago. When I asked some detailed questions regarding specific ports of call, they were unable to answer them.
  3. We always work out the cost of a cruise " per night" as it enables us to make a comparison 'like for like"
  4. Do you have to book your O life excursions before the cruise or can you wait and book them onboard ?
  5. I have just booked a cruise which includes all the O life amenities. We don't normally do tours, prefering to explore on our own but since we have 6 included (3 each) we might as well use them. I understand that tours with the prefix OS and OE cannot be booked but is there are price limit on the rest of the tours? If not it would make sense to go for the most expensive options (full day rather than 1/2 day)
  6. When checking that the safe is empty, I always run my fingers around the rim. Some safes have a ledge inside at the front under which small items can become hidden. I once found a ladies watch there. I handed it in to reception and explained that it may have been left by the previous occupant of the cabin. A staff member took it from me but seemed disinterested, probably because it was the last day and they were busy. I don't think the watch was of any great monetary value but it may have had great sentimental value to someone.
  7. Oceania provide very simple, straightforward easy to operate (nothing digital) clocks in their staterooms. The clock face is large easy to read and when you pick it up the face lights up so you can check the time during the night.
  8. Glad to know that they are considering switching to large dispensers. This is a small step but one that is needed to help reduce the amount of plastic waste. I like Elemis toiletries but my favourite is the Bvlgari supplied on Oceania.
  9. If you can donate to the crew welfare via your on board account, can you donate any unused on board credit at the end of the cruise ?
  10. How does Select Dining work on Celebrity? On other cruise lines when we have chosen open seating/freedom dining we just turn up at the dining room when we are ready to eat, usually around 7 -7:30 pm and because we are happy to share with other passengers we usually get shown to a table straight away. Is this the same on Celebrity or do we need to specify a time and book ahead? If so when and where do we book and do we have to keep to the same time for the duration on the cruise?
  11. After six weeks , numerous emails, including two to Richard Twynam I have finally managed to get £250 pp added directly to a future cruise I had booked. The original offer was for $250 pp so £250 is a good result but it not 25% of the cruise fare I paid. I feel that Azamara was really reluctant to pay out and was hoping the matter would go away.
  12. I am surprised that the "Ship" has the authority to issue such offers. During the cruise I enquired at the Guest Relations Desk as to whether we would be getting a refund of port taxes for the two missed ports and was told that they were waiting for a reply from head office. I enquired again before the end of the cruise and was told "No" as "passengers had been significantly undercharged for Port Taxes on this cruise". We know that this cruise did not sell well and it was split in to shorter cruises for the Australian and New Zealand market in addition to having groups of travel agents travelling on board.
  13. I was also on this cruise and recieved the "Goodwill" letter. On the 28 March I decided that I was interested in booking another Azamara cruise before the current promotion expired at the end of the month, so I contacted Azamara who had no knowledge of this Goodwill letter. I then emailed Richard Twynam at the UK Office attaching copies of the letter. He replied almost immediately saying he would get a member of his team to look into in it. Later that afternoon I received a reply from some one at Azamara saying that the letters were being passed to 'Royal Guest Relations" and I would be recieving the 'certificates' in 2- 3 weeks time. They also confirmed that if I was to go ahead and book the discount could be applied retrospectively. To date I still haven't heard anything further. I intend chasing it up next week when Easter is over. Once again the Azamara Brand is let down by poor shore side administration. The offer was $250 pp off a future cruise, as I am in the UK I am wonder what the rate of exchange will be. When I tried to book a cruise onboard I was given a printed quote in US dollars and told that it was pounds, therefore if that is the case UK guests are paying approximately 25% more than Americans. I wait to see if the $250 equals a discount of £250.
  14. In addition to the sofa bed, some cabins have one upper berth. Does anyone have a photo of a cabin with this upper berth in use. I am interested to know how much space it occupies. Does it come down from the ceiling or out from the bulkhead ?
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