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  1. After reading the above reply I did some research and as I understand it would appear that ABTA is lobbying for legislation whereby voucher will be issued which will be valid for 2 years and if not used within that time frame a full refund will be made by ABTA, backed by the UK government. This is not yet in force but maybe by the time Oceania officially cancels the cruise. I have decided to not to cancel the cruise but to just wait and hope for a full refund to the credit card. Worse case it seems that I will get a full refund in 2 years time. I certainly intend to travel with Oceania again but in these uncertain times who know when or where. I did have a cruise in April with Azamara, booked with different TA who also packaged it for me with flights and hotels for which I received an ATOL certificate. Azamara cancelled that cruise last month and that TA has assured me that I will get a full refund for all monies paid although it may take several weeks.
  2. I am in the UK and have an Oceania Cruise booked for the end of June 2020. My travel agent has packaged this with flights of my choosing and transfers and provided me with an ATOL Certificate. This package in total cost around £7000. This cruise has yet to be officially cancelled by Oceania but it is highly likely that it will be (currently showing as waitlisted in all categories). I have just recieved a call from the TA advising me that higher cancellation charges are due to kick in tomorrow and if I want to cancel now I can get a refund of £5200 plus a FFC of £1300 but I will lose £1800 for the flight and transfer costs as the flights have yet to be cancelled. Alternatively if I wait for Oceania cancel the cruise, they (Oceania) will give me a future cruise credit of 125% but may not give the option of 100% cash refund. In this instant I will be fully refunded the cost of my flights and transfers. Has anyone else in the UK heard of this ? All I want is a full refund to my credit card in event of Oceania cancelling the cruise.
  3. Marmaduke

    Azamara Emails

    This week I received an email from Azamara congratulating me on moving up to the Explorer Tier of the LCV. I reached the Discover Plus tier over a year ago. Today I received an email wishing me a Happy Birthday. A nice touch, but my birthday was over 2 months ago. I suppose I shouldn't complain as I do receive regular emails, when I know many of you do not, but it does make me wonder how accurate and secure Azamara's recording keeping is.
  4. I had the pleasure of meeting Richard Twynam aboard Pusuit last year and have recieved help from him on several occasions. He always responded to emails and was able to put me in touch with someone who could help. Very sorry to see that the UK team is being disbanded. A retrograde step.
  5. Marmaduke


    Getting back to the OP original questions - the differences between Azamara and Oceania. We love the friendly relaxed atmosphere on board Azamara and agree that the crew will go the extra mile to help whatever the problem. The quality of the food on Oceania is better but I think there is more variety on Azamara. On Oceania everyone gets to eat in each of the specialty restaurants at least once and there is no charge. If you have the basic drinks package on Oceania (wine with lunch and dinner) you can have any of the wines on the list that they sell by the glass, and they are far better quality than the wine of the day on Azamara. Champagne is also included. Oceania is in the process of refreshing their R Class ships and they are doing an excellent job. They have taken all the dark wood units (desk, wardrobes etc.) out of the cabins and replaced them with light grey units and it looks very smart. They are unable to change the size of the bathrooms but have refitted them and the showers (small as they are) now have glass doors. To sum up, I am happy to go on either cruise line, it comes down to price and itinerery.
  6. We are also non golfers who have been on several Azamara cruises which have been designated Perry Golf cruises and have never had any problems and our overall enjoyment of the cruise has not been affected in any way.
  7. From November when the new loyalty benefits come into force it would appear that everyone who is Bronze and above will be recieving a tote bag and cap. I aaume that this will be on every cruise.
  8. Whilst on Sirena easlier this year I witnessed somebody hogging two chairs, one in the sun and one in the shade. We prefer to use the chairs on deck 11 as we do not use the pool, but due to the wind the upper deck had been closed off. We fortunately mangaged to get two chairs in the sun by the pool but I noticed that the chair next to my husband remained vacant all morning apart from a laptop and ball cap! After lunch the couple who had occupied the two chairs in the shade behind us returned. The wife continued to sit in the shade but the gentleman proceed to occupy the bed next to my husband, having put on his ball cap and opened his laptop. Mean while the bed in the shade next to the wife remained reserved with a bag.
  9. It might be worth going into your accounts (whilst you still can) and down loading your cruise history or printing off a hard copy. When Princess cruises re vamped their system a few years ago, many passengers lost all or some of their cruise history and it took many months for it to be sorted and their lost cruises reinstated.
  10. I got a similar call regarding my last Azamara Cruise a few months ago. When I asked some detailed questions regarding specific ports of call, they were unable to answer them.
  11. We always work out the cost of a cruise " per night" as it enables us to make a comparison 'like for like"
  12. Do you have to book your O life excursions before the cruise or can you wait and book them onboard ?
  13. I have just booked a cruise which includes all the O life amenities. We don't normally do tours, prefering to explore on our own but since we have 6 included (3 each) we might as well use them. I understand that tours with the prefix OS and OE cannot be booked but is there are price limit on the rest of the tours? If not it would make sense to go for the most expensive options (full day rather than 1/2 day)
  14. When checking that the safe is empty, I always run my fingers around the rim. Some safes have a ledge inside at the front under which small items can become hidden. I once found a ladies watch there. I handed it in to reception and explained that it may have been left by the previous occupant of the cabin. A staff member took it from me but seemed disinterested, probably because it was the last day and they were busy. I don't think the watch was of any great monetary value but it may have had great sentimental value to someone.
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