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  1. I can confirm the accuracy of the Holmes quote. In the days when I was working in an office full of people, if I happened to be wearing sun glasses when I had reason to glare at someone behind the supposed protection of dark glasses, the "evil eye" would reflect back and my eyes would start to twitch. True story.
  2. Celebrity Apex is arriving in Fort Lauderdale and is visible on the Ft. Lauderdale webcam. It makes me think and hope that things are slowly getting back to normal.
  3. FCC AND REFUND UPDATE: To date, Holland America Line has refunded tens of millions of dollars in cruise fares and is nearly complete with all refunds tied to cruises originally scheduled to depart through June 2020. In the coming weeks, we expect to be complete with remaining refunds for cruises cancelled through the end of summer. We continue to work through all remaining requests, and we ask our guests to please note that bank processing can take from seven to 10 days. We thank our guests for their patience in these extraordinary circumstances. To facilitate faster refunds, importan
  4. I'm sad because the HAL forum on cruisecritic.com used to be the place to go for helpful information. Now it seems just to be a bunch of Bitter Betties who can't say anything nice, but find lots of things to complain about. HAL did not create COVID-19 -- in fact no one is certain where it came from -- China? Europe? Laboratories? Wet markets? And who really cares. The fact is that we have it, and HAL is dealing with it the best that they can. News reports are estimating that there are more than 50,000 crew members on ships still trying to get home. If there are as many passengers -- a
  5. It seems to me that a U.S. citizen getting off a cruise ship in a U.S. port is "home". So why would a charter flight to some other city in the United States be a requirement?
  6. From Google Translate: Uit Den Haag: From The Hague. Met zo'n deftige naam, kan niet anders!: With such a decent name, there is no other way! (Copper 10-8's translation is probably a closer translation though ... "with such a fancy name, wouldn't surprise me" but in a pinch Google Translate does a pretty good job.)
  7. Thank you for sharing. That was beautiful. 💖
  8. You are able to make reservations in Club Orange, but you shouldn't have to, as wait times, if any, are minimal -- at least they were on the trans-Atlantic last fall. It may be different over Thanksgiving, but you should be fine. And yes, you can order dinner from the menu for service in your suite. Club Orange always offers a selection that is not on the Main Dining Room menu, so you should ask the head waiter in Club Orange for a copy of the next night's menu so you'll know what they will be offering. In any event, the concierge in the Neptune Lounge can help with that and with any other
  9. Waiting on the ambulance -- the Coast Guard boat just signaled the tender "10 minutes out"
  10. I hope this is not behind a paywall -- it's interesting reading about a few HAL crew members still on board: https://www.washingtonpost.com/investigations/cruise-ships-crews-stuck-at-sea-paydays-dwindling-and-searching-for-a-way-home/2020/04/14/c7d9c498-78fb-11ea-a130-df573469f094_story.html
  11. I hope everyone -- and by everyone I mean all who moaned and groaned and complained about how the U.S. taxpayers would be footing the bill for this humanitarian effort -- pays attention to this clause in the agreement: "Payment of Costs: Carnival shall be responsible for paying all costs incurred by Carnival, any member of the Unified Command, Broward County, BSO, or any other government entity or local health care facility directly arising or resulting from the activities required or permitted under this Agreement or the Carnival Plan, including but not limited to: berthing cost
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