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  1. Thanks for responses re single supplement. I didn’t want to bother my TA because my choice might be depend on the percentage. 🙂
  2. Yesterday received email from my travel agent that Nov. 13 Barcelona to Miami cruise had been cancelled. Now need to decide whether to book one of two possible transatlantic cruises that would retain original cost of cancelled cruise or just wait awhile. Such a dilemma! This is off topic (sorry), but does anyone have helpful hints on how to quickly check the % of single supplement for Regent cruises? I may choose to cruise along at some point. Thanks folks.
  3. Re Navigator: On Thursday I heard from my friend. They had arrived in Genova. His contract runs until June 8 and he has been working on the ship since it left LA. He was originally on the Splendor before crew were moved to Navigator. At this point, he has no other info and doesn't know whether he will go to his home in Italy or...?
  4. After reading this thread, I have pretty much come to the conclusion that the Nov. 3, 2020 Splendor transatlantic from Barcelona to Miami will not occur? I was supposed to fly to Italy on October 15 (Regent air) and spend about four weeks there prior to the cruise. Guess no travel this year. (Sigh). Being safe and healthy is more important, but still a sigh.
  5. Navigator should arrive in Costa Rica on April 30. That is all I know at this point.
  6. I should have typed—drydock in Italy, but you all probably know that is where it happens.
  7. The latest news: Navigator will continue on to Europe and it will be in dry dock there.
  8. Thanks for the thanks! When I hear something new, I will post.
  9. Navigator should arrive in Miami on May 6. That’s it for now.
  10. Sorry, my last post may have been incorrect about Navigator sailing to Europe. But, all European crew are being transferred onto Navigator. I'll try to get more details.
  11. The latest info that I have is that crew were transferred from Splendor to Mariner in LA. I believe someone may have already mentioned it. Today, the move will be to Navigator and the ship will take the European crew across the Atlantic. Beginning in May, my friend will no longer be paid. I don’t know if this is true for all crew.
  12. Last bit of news from Splendor is that there are 250 crew still on the ship. It is anchored off San Pedro (LA) California. Stay safe everyone.
  13. Splendor news--about 40 crew a day are flying home to Asia.
  14. Last heard re Splendor. Crew members from the Philippines and India will be flying home in a day or two. Others will fly to respective home countries after that. Flights may be out of LAX. Ship is still docked in National City, lower San Diego bay, near Navy base.
  15. As mentioned, Splendor will return "from roaming" a bit and will be back in San Diego. Again, this is via my Splendor crew friend. I am happy to report that crew is using La Veranda for meals and Meridian as their bar. Also, Coffee Connection is open. Nice for them. They certainly deserve it.
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