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  1. Do the Breakaway Mini Suites have safety bars in the bathrooms? Thank you
  2. Just wondering if we book a Cabin around 9784 do you hear a lot of noise from the music on deck 8? Thank you
  3. Is there a coffee pot and refrigerator in the cabins either O/V or Balony? Thank you
  4. We were very disappointed in the Gem this time that we were on her..We didn't think the food was as good and disappointed with the menu in the Dining Room..Also didn't like that when we were trying to listen to music there was the sound of saws in the background..I don't think they should have been doing renovations like laying new carpet and making new restaurants while we were onboard..
  5. Do you think it is better in the cabin or in the Internet Cafe
  6. We will be on NCL Gem this weekend..Does anybody know after I set up our connection if we can use our Ipad in our cabin or do we have to go to a certain area to get a better connection..Thank you
  7. Thank you for the information..Makes me feel a lot better..
  8. Just read that the Blue Lagoon will be closed on our cruise. Not very happy..We should have been told they were going to be doing construction on the ship when we were on it..I know there are a lot of other places to eat but we liked the Blue Lagoon..
  9. I really don't think it is fair that they are working on the ship while we are sailing..I know they always have some things to do but to take away a restaurant that people enjoy going to is not fair..I think NCL should give the passengers something to make up for not having the Blue Lagoon while they are on the ship..They advertise this restaurant when we booked the cruise and now it won't be available..It just isn't fair..Who knows what else won't be available when we board next Saturday..Also will there be a lot of noise from the renovations? Just had to let everybody know how I feel..I will still enjoy our cruise but as you can tell I am annoyed..Thank you for listening..
  10. When I purchase the service can I use my IPad in my cabin?
  11. We are sailing at 3PM so what time do you think we can check in? Will they let us into the port by 9:30 or 10 so we can wait for them to start the checkin? Thank you
  12. I have been reading so many different things about the coffee pots in the rooms and was just wondering if you stayed in a Balcony cabin exactly what kind of pot was in it and what type of coffee does it take. Thank you in advance for the information.
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