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  1. Of course, it is the “ made over” Triumph which failed multiple sanitation & food safety inspections. No surprise what-so-ever
  2. When we travel with foreign sims (from country you are visiting), the sim assigns a different phone number. Only calls to that number come to phone, not your home phone number calls
  3. Take a cruise that stops at Progresso, much closer to CI.
  4. CoCo Cay is a private island. No town but there is a craft/straw market. I recommend you go the the CoCo Cay page on RCCI website for an explanation of what is available. It is definitely a beach day stop.
  5. Your Carnival tags are of no value while your luggage is being handled/processed through the airport facilities. Just something else to get in the way of the handlers properly guiding your bags onto the correct flight.
  6. I always wonder if those with the strongest opinion to leave passports locked in ship’s safe have actually done any foreign travel. I’ll bet very few. With just a bit of diligence and attention to safety, one can safely carry their passport all over the world with very little risk. And my wife & I and thousands of others are proof of that. And I’m not talking about American territories or US tourist dependent Caribbean islands. I mean REAL FOREIGN TRAVEL. #tootimidtotravel
  7. I'll bet that if something happens which requires you to fly home, but it takes a couple days to acquire the required paperwork, in hindsight you would have been willing to pay twice the cost to have passports for everyone in hand. Just saying ...
  8. Why does this bother you ?? Let those who want to book with the TA do so.
  9. Easy to understand how threadstarter got logged on to the wrong identity
  10. If you have/bring passports, why bother with birth certificates ??
  11. The timing with giving your CC# to RC and the timing of the fraud may just have been a coincidence.
  12. Everybody who has a cell phone has calendar (even old flip phones). Have never missed a final payment date, NEVER !
  13. The tea on Lido Deck is water mixed with tea flavoring from a dispenser. If you are used to brewed tea, you will probably not like it. It has nasty taste.
  14. OOOPS - seems threadstarter forgot about tips. I bought one of the Black Friday % off specials earlier today and the gratuities were added to the total for checkout.
  15. A very small % of cruisers follow Cruise Critic. By removing the item, you immensely decreased the owner’s chances of getting it back. Let’s hope it just has financial value and not any sentimental importance. There have been many identical posts here over the years, past experience shows removing the item is a poor choice.
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