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  1. I would suggest that you speak to your doctor about an inhaler and/or a cough suppressant that might clear up that nagging cough over the next few days and allow you to get some rest at night. My last cold needed some prednisone and an inhaler to clear the inflammation in my throat not being something worse in my lungs. Not only will it help you pass the inspection but boy will you feel better for your vacation!
  2. This will be our first cruise with HAL, sailing on Nieuw Amsterdam in the Mediterranean. My husband is allergic or intolerant of wheat, dairy, tree nuts. I see that accommodations can be made in the MDR with a menu the previous night and that the buffet has a gluten-free section but we have one night included at the Pinnacle Grille and we will want to try the Tamarind. How does one manage the specialty restaurants? And can anyone will food allergies tell me how successful (or not) they have been? Even ordering a salad for him can be a struggle - no croutons, no walnuts, no shaved Parmesan!
  3. HAL Nieuw Amsterdam arrives is Sete at 8 am. My tour begins at 9 and is 15 minutes away by taxi. Will I have enough time? The tour company says yes, that many of their guests are from the cruise ship. It seems doable IF the ship is on time and we can debark quickly. Opinions, please?
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