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    Expulsion from Pacific Explorer.

    It's also very possible that they'll be responsible for any fees the ship/cruiseline incurred to make the diversion and come into port - it's not as easy as just pulling over the side of the road and telling them to get off. What morons. You can imagine what they were like during the cruise - I bet the other passengers are glad to see the back of them.
  2. serena_17

    Expulsion from Pacific Explorer.

    I'm sure in the sober ( light of day it will be over nothing - certainly nothing worth the trouble they're going to be in. "Sober" being the operative word.
  3. serena_17

    Expulsion from Pacific Explorer.

    Apparently there was a glassing onboard. The vision on the news of the security boat/zodiac escorting her in is quite something.
  4. Hi, We have friends cruising ex Sydney on Explorer of the Seas and one of the party needs wheelchair assistance. They have a later boarding time (closer to 4pm), but they are staying in a hotel so will be at the dock around 12. Question is: will RCCL allow them to board even though it's earlier than the designated time? I've always only had early boarding, so can't really answer the question for them. TIA.
  5. serena_17

    Food on Pacific Explorer

    You can also take 10 cans of soft drink per person in the cabin. They have to be loose (ie not in the cardboard packaging). You can't take water on board or pop top-type drinks.
  6. serena_17

    Panoramic Oceanview on Voyager

    We got back today after sailing on Voyager and stayed in 1852! Great room, loved the location. The view every morning was beautiful. Abdul, our room attendant, was amazing; nothing was too much trouble. My son wasn't feeling well, and he kept checking in on him and asking if there was anything he could do. We had our kids - 11 & 12 - in the room as well, which required cooperation for the bathroom but all in all, it was fine for a week.
  7. serena_17

    Movies on Voyager

    That would be great, thank you - so long as it's not too much of a hassle :)
  8. serena_17

    Movies on Voyager

    We love watching movies outside (we've set up our own pool theatre at home), but I was thinking about some others that we're travelling with may not be quite so keen. Do you know of a way that I can find out what movies are being shown at the moment? Thanks,
  9. Hi all, Just a question for recent Voyager passengers - what movies are being shown on the deck? Also, if you're not interested in watching the movie, but sitting in the area, can you still enjoy a conversation, etc or are you best to find somewhere else? Thanks in advance. :)
  10. I think the lesson here, regardless of outcome, is to follow the advice of your travel agent. It's why you're paying them. Hopefully it all works out, but your friends have certainly cut it close. I would be losing sleep at this point.
  11. serena_17

    Going to New Caledonia without Visa

    I think the lesson here, regardless of outcome is to follow the advice of your travel agent. It's why you're paying them. Hopefully it all works out, but your friends have certainly cut it close. I would be losing sleep at this point.
  12. serena_17

    Swimming on embarkation day

    Thanks for your quick replies! Kids are 11 & 12, so no nappies (thank goodness, that was always fun when travelling!) I'll be sitting by the pool with a mojito in between finding our way around the ship. Thanks again x
  13. Hi, We're sailing away on Voyager this weekend (yay!) and, given the gorgeous weather we're having in Sydney, the kids are going to want to get into the pool ASAP. My question is - will the pool be available for swimming when we board? Thanks,
  14. serena_17

    Concerned about Voyager reviews

    Thanks to everyone for their feedback. The rational part of me did think "people are more likely to complain than compliment"; however there is always a seed of doubt. We're pretty easy to please, we don't expect the cruise line to be responsible for entertaining us 24/7. If we have a clean environment, good food and polite service, then we're happy. I'm sure we'll be fine :)
  15. I've been reading some recent reviews on Voyager of the Seas ahead of our cruise in late Feb. I must say that the overall tone of the reviews has left me concerned about what to expect. Does anyone have any positive feedback from a recent Voyager cruise?