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  1. beachbunny1206

    Your Favorite Dives

    I have only been diving in the Galapagos 7 times and Cozumel once, but I must say with all that I have seen I don’t know how the rest will compare. In the Galapagos I seen 4 White Tip Sharks, Lots Sea Turtles, Sting Rays, Eagle Rays, Sea Lions, Marine Iguanas, Marbled Ray, Tiger Snake Eel, and of course lots and lots of different fish. Also, I know of a place where you can go to a cave full of sharks or go to Gordon Rock to see the Hammer Head Sharks. I am going to the Cayman Islands on a Cruise the week of Aug. 23rd, I hope to see some more sharks. Good Luck
  2. beachbunny1206

    Burger and a beer in FLL

    This place looks great, I will have to check it out!!:p
  3. beachbunny1206

    Best/cheapest way to get from FLL to Port of Miami

    Last time I was in Ft. Lauderdale I used South Florida Shuttles. They have something for like $14 per person but it doesn't include the tip. I always use them when I fly into Ft. Lauderdale. I know you need to make reservations, but you don't have to do any advanced credit card payment. You just pay when they pick you up. Also, when they picked me up from the port I only had to wait like 10 minutes for the van to get there. :)
  4. beachbunny1206

    Help for Aussies Miami to Fort Lauderdale pier

    You said your flying in Jan, well make sure you if you fly into Chgo. O'Hare you plan for bad weather. I live there and there are always delays. Now as for the FL airports, Ft. Lauderdale is way better then Miami. It always takes forever in Miami!! If you stay in Ft. Lauderdale try to stay at a hotel with a free shuttle and then in the morning you can take another shuttle to the port. I have used South Florida Shuttles and they a great. Otherwise if you go to Miami, the Holiday Inn Express is a good place to stay for the night. It is across from The Bayside Market Place. They have really nice shops, resturants and little boat tours.
  5. beachbunny1206

    Seminole Hard Rock-review

    I've been to alot of their clubs there. It's always a great place to have a drink, dance, and go to the casino. That have a great Irish Pub that always has GREAT bands on the weekends.
  6. beachbunny1206

    Good Hotel around port of Miami?

    The Holiday Inn Express is good. It's right across from Bayside, which has great shops and resturants. Its about 1/2 mile to the cruise port.
  7. beachbunny1206

    City OTHER than Miami to stay pre-cruise?

    I think Ft. Lauderdale is a great place to stay. The beaches are great and there is plenty to do. I love to go on the water taxi and always recommend it to everyone. Its a great way to get around Ft. Lauderdale. Also, there is good shopping and good resturants. By staying in Ft. Lauderdale your not to far from the port so you don't have to worry about driving to much.
  8. beachbunny1206

    FLL to POM

    I went on a cruise last month and needed transportation rom the Fort Lauderdale Airport to the Port of Miami and back. I didn't want to use the cruise line's shuttles cause that takes forever. I just wanted something that was quick and cheap. I choose South Florida Shuttles and was very pleased with my pick. They were very quick to pick us up and our driver was great. She gave us tips on things to do in Fort Lauderdale and it was nice to speak to someone who spoke English unlike alot of the other companies I called to get price quotes. I will be using them again.
  9. Everytime I go to FL I use South Florida Shuttles. I usually just make a reservation with them a couple of weeks before and they pick me up right at the airport. I upgraded to the private ride and it was still cheap. I used them last Feb. during the superbowl weekend and they were great!