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  1. The only problem for Alaska cruises is that British Columbia will not be fully vaccinated by July 4th. Our young people aged 18 to 35 will have hopefully their first dose of the vaccine by the end of June but probably July as Canada is having problems obtaining the vaccine from the USA. The promised deliveries have been delayed. I know that we will be receiving our second dose of the vaccine from the end of August to sometime. In October. There is no way Canada is going to change their mind on border openings until they have their population vaccinated or at least that is what the federal p
  2. But if the ports you are going to require the vaccine passport, then the cruise ship will have to ensure the passenger has one. The Florida governor cannot apply his rules to other country requirements.
  3. I was just talking to a sales rep at Oceania and was told the following 1. Oceania will resume cruises last quarter of this year 2. No ruling yet if you will only be allowed off the ship if you take Oceania tours 3. no ruling if you want to organize private tours i got the feeling from my telephone call that all cruises will be cancelled up to September 30 but I may be wrong in my feeling
  4. According to theOceania rep in Canada as of today there will be no segments offered for 2023ATW. The ship is sold out lots of disappointed people.
  5. Does anyone know if Oceania will be selling segments for the 2023 ATW? My favourite TA has been placed on furlough because of COVID 19 and the TA I now have to deal with is telling me that the 2923 ATW is completely sold out and no segments are being offered. This is the information that she has received from Oceania.
  6. Thank you. I found the 2023 ATW segments I wanted.
  7. I can’t get the file to open. Thank you
  8. Oceania has now cancelled all cruises departing up to and including May 31 of this year. Refer to their website for details
  9. All cruises departing up to and including May 31 have now been cancelled
  10. This applies to all cruise ships with more than 100 people on board,
  11. Dan, Canada is not open yet. Border is closed till November 21. The closure will probably be extended. You can drive to Alaska, but may not stop in Banff or any other tourist destination on your way to Alaska or vice versa. Several American citizens have been fined and sent back to the States for not following the guidelines
  12. We sailed Le Ponant thru Tauck tours. Yes it was more expensive but we were glad that we did it. There was only two rough days of sailing, but if you get woozy, take your seasick meds. The zodiac trips were amazing. We had humpbacks come within 2 feet of our zodiac. When we started watching the humpbacks they were a good distance away but they changed course and came very close to our zodiac . It was an experience I will never forget. Also with this tour you will actually step on the continent of Antarctica which you will not be able to do on a larger ship. We also had some time in Buenos A
  13. At least it is warm for most of you. We feel summer is self isolating on the west coast. Noticeably less marine traffic and the few vessels that try to come up the B.C. Coast are escorted to the border. It has been good for the whales and other marine life. Thank goodness we live on an island so we can get outside in our boat. Not as much fun as cruising though.
  14. Federal government has now stated that the only cruises allowed in Canadian ports are ships that carry less than 100 people. The people limit includes passengers and crew that may not be greater than 100
  15. Yes but your President said Canadians are welcome to come visit. Fortunately calmer heads than his, on both sides of the border, agreed that there should be no travel between the two countries.
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