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  1. Storms in the eastern States and Canada are causing flight cancellations and delays. We just found out after we arrived at the airport that our flight is delayed 1.5 hours. The wait will be worth it when we board tomorrow.
  2. Safe flight Lisa. We fly down to LA on Tuesday, and we are packed now except for a few last minute things. We have to get up early on Tuesday in order to get through immigration and security at the airport. See you Wednesday.
  3. Nice pictures. I remember being to some of those places.
  4. Hope the planes will be flying on Tuesday when we are heading for LA. The news keeps getting worse and worse
  5. no fuss travel

    Main dining room - final night of cruise

    The ladies received red roses for Valentines Day when we were on our South American cruise on the Insignia.
  6. Enjoying the pictures. Brings back lots of good memories. We are starting our move towards LA. We are packing up at our home on the island and heading for the mainland. Seven sleeps to go till we board the plane.
  7. I remember being on a river cruise and the chef told the passengers to never trust a skinny cook. I must admit the food was delicious that he prepared and he was definitely not skinny
  8. Lisa will you be able to make your flight to LA? I was thinking about you when they were talking about the storm
  9. Gee if I could only sneak my stuffed cat into the luggage without my husband seeing it. There would be a lot of groans from him if I brought it.
  10. Thank you Bob for those pictures. We will not be bringing the adapter. It will not work. Having the charge for the phones and I Pad will be fantastic. We will be back on the Nautica in the fall so will still have the old layout then. See you on the 29th. We finally made a printed packing list so we don't forget anything.
  11. Can you take a picture of the plug outlet by the desk please. We are trying to figure out if an adapter we have will work. Thank you
  12. A combination of both I think. At the moment everyone is getting excited to be soon starting their trip. I know I am just starting to pull things together for January 29 when I fly to Los Angeles to board. My better half is a bit worried about being on board for 59 days as we are doing two segments. I’m not worried, just looking forward to meeting new and old friends. Bon voyage to all those boarding on January 11th
  13. no fuss travel

    Holding room

    When we ran into that problem they had set up an area where we could leave our hand luggage guarded and had snacks and drinks available. We were Able to wander around town and enjoyed the public market. Do get your TA to ask where the spit will be and I’d they will have a guarded spit you can leave your hNd luggage
  14. no fuss travel

    Private excursions- Norway to Iceland

    Check the Vikingsto Royal cruisethis past July. There was a private tour for Rejavik that was excellent. Unfortunately the name of the company has escaped me. The tour was terrific
  15. no fuss travel

    Insignia live - - Miami Cuba Miami

    We found on othercruise lines that personnel from Eastern Europe were more reserved and less helpful. It is not just an Oceania behaviour. A smile goes a long way with the reception staff as well as please and thank you. Imagine if you had a job where all you heard for most of the day was complaints. You would be grumpy too