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  1. no fuss travel

    Specialty reservations

    Ah yes but since we have so many sea days and we are having awful storms on the west coast at this time of year. (Climate change)we deliberately chose to be on the 4th deck. People on the 4th deck survive the rough waterbetter than those further forward or back. We noticed that when we did the Greenland /Iceland cruise and hit some pretty rough water.
  2. no fuss travel

    Specialty reservations

    I did get four reservations at each restaurant. There were no Tables for 2 except at 9 pm for the entire cruise.
  3. no fuss travel

    Specialty reservations

    Thank you. I will let you know what happens when I try to book them tomorrow.
  4. no fuss travel

    Specialty reservations

    If one is doing two segments of the world cruise how many specialty dinner reservations are you entitled to? I know when we did a Grand Voyage we got 2 at each restaurant for each segment. We will be on the Insignia for 59 days. thank you
  5. no fuss travel

    Oceania NEXT

    I had to switch browsers and then I could see it.
  6. no fuss travel

    Insignia live - - Miami Cuba Miami

    We noticed when we were on back to back cruises that if there was a huge turnover of staff, the service slipped a little at times until they were used to working with new personnel. I am sure by the time we start our ATW or segments of ATW, most of the bugs will be worked out.
  7. no fuss travel

    Oceania NEXT

    Thank you for posting the pictures. Do the drawers slide out quite far by the beds? An inside picture of all the closets would really be appreciated Do suitcases still slide under the bed? How many drawers in the cabin? Your pictures are speaking a thousand words as we are preparing for a couple of segments of the world cruise. Thank you again.
  8. no fuss travel

    Insignia live - - Miami Cuba Miami

    Pictures of the cabins please. Thanks
  9. no fuss travel

    Disembarking at Singapore

    Yes it applies to all liquor even if it was not bought in Malaysia. The customs people charge it and they do X-ray your suitcases
  10. I am having problems signing into the board. It just keeps rolling up to the top line and after I finally click on a few things, it will stop. Frustrating.
  11. no fuss travel

    Reviews of Oceania

    I was on the Nautica in July/August. The service was excellent and the food good. Yes there is some wear and tear, but no more than the mass lines that we have sailed on. The itinerary decides which ship we will sail on.
  12. no fuss travel

    My quest for a long overdue Oceania change...

    It would also be nice if they put.the name of the Assistant room attendant on the Card in each cabin. I end up asking each cruise as I do like to compliment all staff for a job well done.
  13. no fuss travel

    Southampton Cruise Terminal

    I believe I saw a car rental drive the passenger to the terminal that Oceania used last July Why don't you check with the car rental and see if they offer this service.
  14. no fuss travel

    What’s your favorite Oceania calorie splurge?

    Key Lime Pie
  15. no fuss travel

    Disembarking at Singapore

    Make sureifyour cruise called intoMalaysia you do not bring any liquor with you. They will charge you duty even if you are flying out to another country. Very expensive.