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  1. We sailed Le Ponant thru Tauck tours. Yes it was more expensive but we were glad that we did it. There was only two rough days of sailing, but if you get woozy, take your seasick meds. The zodiac trips were amazing. We had humpbacks come within 2 feet of our zodiac. When we started watching the humpbacks they were a good distance away but they changed course and came very close to our zodiac . It was an experience I will never forget. Also with this tour you will actually step on the continent of Antarctica which you will not be able to do on a larger ship. We also had some time in Buenos Aries and tours while there. Tauck also provided a speaker from BBC who was fantastic and helped make each landing even more incredible. Would I do it again. No, but i am glad I did it
  2. At least it is warm for most of you. We feel summer is self isolating on the west coast. Noticeably less marine traffic and the few vessels that try to come up the B.C. Coast are escorted to the border. It has been good for the whales and other marine life. Thank goodness we live on an island so we can get outside in our boat. Not as much fun as cruising though.
  3. Federal government has now stated that the only cruises allowed in Canadian ports are ships that carry less than 100 people. The people limit includes passengers and crew that may not be greater than 100
  4. Yes but your President said Canadians are welcome to come visit. Fortunately calmer heads than his, on both sides of the border, agreed that there should be no travel between the two countries.
  5. Our Provincial government under national advice has told us no international travelling until we can get a vaccination for the virus.
  6. Living on a small island here inBC, there is no difference in what we can’t buy in the small local store to what people living in Vancouver can’t buy.
  7. You are correct. Canadians may not go to the US for non essential trips.
  8. In B C, cottage owners have been discouraged to go to their cabins. This includes Canadian citizens as well as international citizens. People who own two homes in BC are suppose to stay at one only and not travel to the other. This is a good portion of the reason why our province is handling the virus as well as it has been handled. The other reason was once they found out the common denominator to why the virus was spreading through nursing homes they stopped staff from working at more than one nursing home. This meant that the nursing homes had to use full time staff rather than part time staff. Dr Bonnie Henry has run our virus protection perfectly and each time there was a blip, she countered it with the correct procedure
  9. Ah yes, but our prime minister listens to the provincial premiers, not like your president . None of the provinces want American visitors until the USA has the virus under control
  10. Try CBC.ca or bctv.ca. It was on the news tonight and we watched the Premier his speech at 3pm our time. This is only the second time our premier has spoken to the province. He has left it to Dr Bonnie to determine what is best for our province and she has done an excellent job. I think he is the only leader that I know of who has left the handling of the virus to the expert and has not made false statements about the virus
  11. Someone who needs to come to check up on a family member or they have to do necessary work or deliver essentials to the province. A tourist is not considered essential
  12. The Premier of B.C. has stated there will be no international visitors and only essential visitors allowed from other parts of Canada to the province. I guess all cruise lines can say good bye to Alaska cruises this year. The border between the USA and B.C. will remain closed except for essential services. tourism is not an essential service according to the Premier..
  13. You were lucky. The food was mediocre when we sailed in January. I have never on any other cruise line had such bland mushy vegetables. The service in the dining room was great when the officers were not there and when the other dining room was open. One dinner took3.5 hours from start to finish. The expedition team and the cabin staff were excellent. We did notice that the French citizens were favoured over all other passengers. Understanding French put me in a position that I could understand what the French passengers were saying about other passengers. When I responded in French to one very rude comment, the passenger was embarrassed and said he didn’t think Americans could speak French. I did not bother telling him I was Canadian in the hopes he would stop making his rude comments.
  14. Interesting they have not cancelled the Alaska cruises leaving up to and including June 30. The ports of Seattle (I think this is right) and all BC ports are closed to all cruise lines till July 1st. Now if the virus continues to rampage BC has said they will reconsider extending the closure of the ports.
  15. Essential services are defined as police, fire, nurses, doctors, grocery store, drug store (pharmacies), liquor store, post office, government workers (though many of them are working from home), ferries, truck drivers to get food to us. all schools and universities are closed but are completing the term online. No final exams allowed to be written at the universities, grade 12 students marks will be based on their marks prior to schools being closed. All others will be promoted to the next grade. vancouver and Victoria ports closed to cruise ships till July 1 at the earliest anyone over the age of 65 has been asked to self isolate. People are being asked to stay home. All play grounds, pools etc have been closed. On the ferries people are asked to stay in their cars border between US and Canada has been closed. They have closed down all immigration (custom offices)for boaters and most public moorage has now been shut down so that boaters cannot travel. hotels are closing, all conventions cancelled as well as any entertainment. Take out restaurants are allowed as long as the customer does not enter the premise all National and provincial parks are closed. Campsites are closed. If you are travelling outside of B.C. you must self isolate for 14 days when you arrive home. You may leave your house even to purchase groceries. You have to arrange for someone else. To leave them on your door step no visitors to hospitals or senior nursing homes allowed I think that just about covers it. We are trying to find humour where we can and most people are now staying home to reduce the chance of getting sick. People are decluttering their houses,spring cleaning,gardening, doing chores they were saving for a time when they had nothing to do
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