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  1. KreiderCarter

    Upsell Call...

    FSUNole I would think so as well, but I just gave them the money and enjoyed it. Also crazy to give a suite that can sleep 8 to us, just 2 people.
  2. KreiderCarter

    Upsell Call...

    We got the upsell call 3 days before our last cruise on the allure. We went from a balcony room to the aqua suite for only $1050 more.
  3. KreiderCarter

    Allure 1/31 - 2/7

    Midwestgal. The beds were great! Not hard at all. Truffles2 and clarea. Coastal Kitchen menu did not appeal to us, so we just didn't try it.
  4. KreiderCarter

    Allure 1/31 - 2/7

    Vanrrr not sure about any drink specials. Jamesr3939. We had a D8 balcony originally and they called us with the upsell 3 days before we sailed. The cost was $1050 to upgrade, so we only paid around $3400 TOTAL for the suite that sleeps 8. A great deal for sure!
  5. KreiderCarter

    Allure 1/31 - 2/7

    We went to Sabor, Samba, Johnny Rockets, and Izumi for specialty restaurants. The only disappointment was Samba. Dry meat! Nowhere near the quality of any of the land based restaurants I have been to. Izumi was really good, just as good as any land based similar restaurant. Our dining room service was mediocre to bad the evenings we ate there. Very slow, forgetting things, not getting bread, not getting water refilled. All 6 of us at the table agreed that it was the worst service we have had on a ship. We don't normally complain but we did when our head waiter asked if everything was okay. After that night the head waiter helped out with our table, which made things run more smoothly.
  6. KreiderCarter

    Allure 1/31 - 2/7

    Just off the allure after a nice trip. We walked off at 6:30, through CBP by 6:45, at the airport by 7, and at the gate by 7:15. We were worried about having a 10 am flight, but it clearly was no problem this time. We had an aqua suite this time because of the upswell fairy calling us 3 days before the cruise. We loved it, but it seemed crazy for 2 people to have a suite that can fit 8 people. It will be hard going back to a regular room after having the suite, but we can't afford a suite all the time. Great location for all the different shows in the aqua theatre. I think we saw the diving show 3 times and it was great for all the other shows.
  7. Went to Izumi tonight and it was very good. They went above and beyond for their little show while cooking the rice and veggies. The meat and shrimp were excellent!
  8. We just did Samba last night on the Allure and we definitely would not recommend it. Dry meat and not a quality meat. It probably isn't fair comparing this place to similar land based restaurants, but I am and it was lacking. In fact, one cut of meat was comparable to what you would find in the windjammer. Just very disappointed with the quality. Went to savor for lunch a few days ago and that was pretty good. Nice amount of food for the price.
  9. KreiderCarter

    Paid Upgrade Fairy visited us

    Emmy, I believe my upgrade profile is set to no boardwalk or park upgrades. Colorado Babe, the total upgrade price was $1050. We went from 7190 (? D8) to the two bedroom Aqua suite. I think it was a great deal since someone on my roll call called about the suite in the last few days and the were quoted a total price of at least $7000 more than what we paid.
  10. KreiderCarter

    Paid Upgrade Fairy visited us

    Powersboyee2, we are diamond. This is somewhere around our 11th cruise, so not really sure how they make these decisions. Never got this kind of offer before now. Lioness, it is suite 9730. BillOh, the number was 866-562-7625 and it did'nt show up with any name on caller ID. I even did a reverse phone look up on my computer and it shows it was RCCL and I think that is in Kansas.
  11. KreiderCarter

    Paid Upgrade Fairy visited us

    I will just say that the total price is less than what Jr. Suites were priced at when originally booking the cruise.
  12. We sail on the Allure on Sunday and RCCL called us today with an offer. We will now be in an Aqua Suite for a nominal amount of money. Seriously good deal to go from a balcony to that huge suite!
  13. KreiderCarter

    Ironing problems on board.

    We have taken a clothes steamer on every cruise we have been on and it has never been a problem. In fact, one time they looked at it just to make sure it doesn't have any exposed metal area and it was fine.
  14. KreiderCarter


    We were on the Freedom a few weeks ago and had no problem bringing a clothes steamer on the ship. We have had the steamer examined by security when boarding other RCCL cruises, but it has always been allowed. The security guy mentioned that they don't allow steamers with metal plates...ours is all plastic.
  15. I honestly don't see why people are doubting what the OP wrote. I've seen the same thing, people picking through the bread with their bare hands to find the "right one" or doing the same thing with grapes. People just shoving their way in front of you in line--not always children either. Saw a guy grab a burger out of the tray bare handed because he didn't want to reach for the tongs...it happens. Public shaming will do nothing to most of them so why even bother? The chair hog thing is ridiculous--but it doesn't bother me as much because we rarely lay around by the pool anyway. Last cruise we had this leather skinned family pushing their way through the crowd after muster drill and I could hear the father saying something about getting the "prime" loungers (wherever those are). Doesn't stop me from cruising though--doesn't ruin my cruise experience, although it may make my dining experience less enjoyable.