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  1. cruzingmissy

    Live aboard the Regal 1/23

    I just got off the Regal on the 21st, and the coffee cards had an expiration date of 12/31/18 printed on them.
  2. We went to CG last night. Lots of lobster tails all around, and they looked good, but if with the shell its 6 oz you can't expect much meat. They say you get 1/4 lb of meat for each lb of lobster. I had the filet and was disappointed. While it was good it was not worth the upcharge. One thing that surprised us this cruise is that the steak that used to be available every night in the MDR has been replaced by a burger. At this morning's trivia we were told not to return the pencils due to the norovirus outbreak. I wonder just how many are affected.
  3. Internet is unlimited for Platinum also, one device per member.
  4. cruzingmissy

    Where are my cruise documents?

    On my recent TA I was able to print my boarding docs but the luggage tags said "not available". I called celebrity and they mailed them to me. Maybe you can get them emailed.
  5. cruzingmissy

    Has Princess discontinued the blue tote bags?

    Just got one on the Caribbean last week.
  6. cruzingmissy

    Favorite bartender on Equinox?

    I saw Jelena and Luca, both great!
  7. cruzingmissy

    Favorite bartender on Equinox?

    Just off the Equinox and the bartenders and drinks at the Molecular bar were amazing! Try the Celebrity Martini.
  8. cruzingmissy

    Crown Princess - Toilet issue question

    Just returned from the Crown 11/23 voyage. Our stateroom was B620 and we did indeed have flushing issues. Only once did we have to call for help, and I did not put anything in the toilet that did not belong. Have cruised 15 times before and never had a problem. We also had periodic issues where when we pushed the button nothing would happen, but a few minutes later the toilet flushed. One night during dinner the ladies room outside both the Michaelangelo and the DaVinci dining rooms were closed for repairs. I think the ship is showing its age, we noticed other issues as well such as peeling paint on the balconies and a/c not working very well. Princess delivered a beautiful bouquet to my stateroom to apologize, which was nice. Would have preferred credit toward a future cruise though.
  9. cruzingmissy

    Seafood In Ft Lauderdale

    I work right near the port and am headed on a cruise tomorrow! So nice to drive 25 minutes from home and be on vacation! Anyway, Bimini has a few great fish dishes, the snapper and the mahi are both phenomenal. I do not like 15th st fisheries unless you eat downstairs on the dock, where there is an amazing view. Southport Raw Bar and Kellys Landing are great, and are definitely where the locals go for a seafood fix.
  10. cruzingmissy

    Princess Cruise ship Cruise Director list

    Ron Goodman is the only repeat cruise director we have had, first on the Coral in Alaska about 5 years ago and then two years ago on the Crown to the caribbean. When he noticed my dh and I he remembered us immediately since we are "joiners" and are always involved in activities. He included us in the Not So Newlywed Game as we were on board to celebrate our 25th anniversary. Whenever he was out and about he treated us as if we were special, and I got the impression that he is that way with anyone that takes an interest in the hard work he puts in day and night. It is not an easy job, and he is great at what he does. When we last saw him he told me he was transferring to the Royal to prepare it for its maiden cruise. I would be so happy to see him when we sail again in November this year, although since we will be back on the Crown I don't expect to be that lucky!
  11. cruzingmissy

    Platinum Perks

    We actually just moved up to platinum after our cruise in November. We received new platinum member cards delivered to our stateroom toward the end of the cruise. I would give Princess a call.
  12. cruzingmissy

    Midnight Buffet

    I was on the Crown Thanksgiving week and there was no buffet. There was a Deck Party one night and they had waiters roving with dessert trays. Small desserts that were just a couple of bites, like choc covered strawberries. I found that much better than the big buffets with all that wasted food. The band was there and it was mostly for dancing.
  13. cruzingmissy

    POLL: Princess Coffee - Dishwater or Mud?

    For those of us that like a strong cup of coffee you can purchase a coffee card for $29 that gives you 15 specialty coffees (lattes, espresso, etc) as well as unlimited plain coffee. I got all my coffee at the international cafe because it is made from real beans and not that watered down syrup, which in my opinion is awful. I do not mind paying extra since Princess cruises are reasonably priced and I love most other things about Princess. At least the option is there.
  14. cruzingmissy

    Questions on recent Crown Princess sailings....

    [quote name='S.S.Oceanlover']are they still showing the same show on consecutive nights to save money? Bill[/quote] Yes they are, but there was so much going on each night that we couldn't do everything so I didnt mind. There were two comedians, Alfred and Seymour that were outrageous, it was SRO each time they performed. Make sure you see them!
  15. cruzingmissy

    Tips for 'Anytime Dinning'...

    Hey, I'm from Florida and I dont eat until 5:30 or 6 ;)