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  1. has anyone taken the glass bottom boat excursion out of coco cay?
  2. I'm going to follow this post, because I am wondering the same things.
  3. I was very disappointed in how Ovation handles the escape room booking. You are correct it is not publicized, not even in the Compass. You can't book before boarding, and I had been told on the boards somewhere that you could book it using the app once downloaded and you board the ship--no one in our party could find the activity even listed on the app. Then it's almost impossible once you are on the ship to find the actual escape room itself. It's not marked nor is it on any deck maps I saw. I think someone said you could book it on board (they suggested day one) somewhere on the 14th deck but good luck with that. I love escape rooms so I was quite disappointed in how difficult RCL made it to participate on Ovation.
  4. I reviewed the 5/24 sailing's compasses, and they were very similar to mine for the 6/14 sailing. The production shows were the same but there were different headliners on my cruise. Also, we had a Bon Jovi tribute band, and this cruise had a Led Zepellin one. Some of the trivia type games were different, and the enrichment speakers and corresponding topics were a little different. Most of it was the same.
  5. I second what Abuelo said about the weather. While it was a little windy and raining in the mornings, we had great afternoon weather for the excursions in Skagway and Victoria, and pretty good for Juneau. I didn't have to use too many layers--the rain-resistant jacket I brought was the most I needed.
  6. Thanks for the review El Abuelo...I was on the sailing with you, and I agree with most of your commentary. Like another poster, though, I did not find the ship at all cramped or crowded. I've sailed on Allure before and agree it's more spacious, but I was also pleased with the layout and spaciousness of Ovation. I didn't find the embarkation/disembarkation process as frustrating as you did--I've had worse experiences and better (you are right that it isn't on the level of Port Everglades). I was disappointed with my NorthStar experience, but those in my party loved their iFly session. I also would have liked one more port day as opposed to a sea day, but I enjoyed the ports we visited--my favorite was Skagway.
  7. I also was on the June 14 sailing, and I attended a few of the enrichment lectures. There were 2 speakers who alternated presentations during the cruise. One was a professor and the other a retired mountie. I don't think either of the speakers were particularly skilled presenters but I did enjoy the pictures that accompanied the presentations and did learn a little history.
  8. thanks, biker...I know I appear stupid but haven't sailed RCI much...how are points accumulated?
  9. how many cruises do you need to qualify for diamond or diamond plus status?
  10. I just returned from the June 14 and had a great time! I do have all my compasses with the schedule for each day, but I don't have the software to scan them. As for must-dos, definitely see The Beautiful Dream show in the main theatre and the a capella group Mosaic if they are on your sailing. Some in our party did the iFly experience, and they loved it. Unless you can schedule NorthStar on the glacier day, I'd skip it. Sorrento's pizza is great, and the specialty dining venues are also great but a little pricey. The Solarium is a great place to hang out, and the Solarium Bistro was a wonderful place to have breakfast or lunch. It's also relaxing to hang out in 270--I'd recommend it over the Windjammer for lunch the first day you board. If you have any specific questions, just ask away.
  11. here is a somewhat similar question about Ovation...are the doors metallic? I am asking because I like to put up a few door decorations and like to be prepared about how I am going to safely attach them
  12. TomCat, I would also like to see those, since I will be on your sailing...the guy who posted the review of the 11-day cruise (hoopster) is famous around here for live reviews of his cruises...unfortunately that's rare so his review was a special treat...like you, I'll keep looking on the boards for reviews and posts about the 7-day itinerary...maybe I'll see you on board!
  13. Biker, you booked it on the app once on board? Did you enjoy it? How does it compare to ones you've done before on land? thanks
  14. hoopster: is there still a long wait for bumper cars at this point in the cruise? also, I am curious...is there an escape room on board as an activity?
  15. Love this review so far...making me more excited for my sailing on Ovation in June 🙂
  16. love seeing all the pics so far...we're on Ovation for the June 14 sailing...I will be following your live review, even though our 7-day round-trip out of Seattle itinerary is not the same as yours...bon voyage and have fun!
  17. full disclosure: I was in my 30s when I crossed that bridge...I remember it being sort of shaky and looking down gave me a hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach....still I felt confident crossing it...fast forward and now I'm in my 50s--not quite as mobile and steady as I was; also a lot less confident in such things...Now I think I'd be a lot more reluctant to give it a try
  18. I've done that one, too...it was fun but also quite scary! 😮
  19. I'm writing all these down...thanks
  20. I've been feeling the same as you. I am used to reviewing the Compasses and reports prior to sailing. I'm trying to develop an attitude of enjoying the "surprise" aspect but I'm not sure it's working LOL old habits are hard to break...I'll definitely be glad to read reviews once May sailings are completed...maybe you could come back with a great review 😉
  21. cruisefan: how about the shows on Ovation in the main theatre? I think one is Vegas style and call Live, Love, Legs or something similar
  22. I read an article where supposedly the same shows will be on the Alaska sailings as are currently on the pacific sailings. There is a show called "Live, Love, Legs" which is Vegas style show with acrobatics and another show that has more of a story line but I can't remember the name now...Also, I think those two shows can't be booked pre-cruise
  23. I know a minor thing..but for those of you who have sailed on Quantum class (doing Ovation in June), are there robes in the stateroom?
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