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  1. Ourusualbeach, I haven't booked a replacement cruise yet, so any FCC will be used as part payment for it when we book it. I'd like to find out how reliable the online cancellation facility it and essentially how long the FCC take to be issued if you use the online cancellation. There are 3 cancellation options on the cancellation page, Cruise with Confidence, Cruise Suspension and Lift and Shift. We would use the Cruise with Confidence option as we haven't paid the final balance and our cruise hasn't been cancelled yet, although I'm pretty sure that it won't go ahead due to UK Gov travel
  2. erinsmom03, We've decided to cancel ours for the same reason. We were going on a Med cruise...Italy etc. No point in going if you are going to be on your guard all the time and not enjoying the excursions. Also UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office have advised against foreign travel so if we get ill our travel insurance won't cover us. Let's hope it's a little safer next year. No point in taking a holiday if you are worrying all the time about being ill in a foreign country.
  3. firefly333, I think with lift and switch the rules are quite strict. You have to book the same cruise itinerary, the same ship etc which is impossible for us in 2021 as the cruise we have booked is not running in 2021.
  4. erinsmom03, sorry about yours too. Don't think things are going to be certain out there anywhere for a long while. Things in the UK are starting to get a bit better, but there are little outbreaks from time to time. We've escaped fairly lightly here in Wales compared to most but we are still in strict lockdown. Our Welsh Government still won't let us travel more than 5 miles from home, whereas in England things are on the road to getting back to normal.
  5. erinsmom03, I'm so glad you posted this question, I want to know the answer to that one too. We are going to have to cancel our August 2020 cruise under CWC. I wanted to know how long does it take to get your FCC's if you use the online cancellation page through the RCL website. I also wanted to know if I booked a new cruise before I cancelled our existing cruise and before I got the FCC's, would I be able to apply the FCC's to the new cruise once it is booked.
  6. UPDATE Finally received our refund for the Celebrity Apex Preview sailing for 5 April from Southampton, UK. Thank you Celebrity, but it would have been great if you had kept in touch and refunded a bit quicker.
  7. yorky, thank you very much for that bit of info, hopefully my cc will do that for me.
  8. simonph, Is that in the UK? Have you ever had that request granted by a cc provider?
  9. louise1809, We've got a big family cruise booked with RCL in August, but the rate these refunds are being processed I'm not even going to make the final payment. That is just too much money to wait months to get back. The other point is, they are refunding back to original payment cards which is a pain because if you've paid off that credit card bill you then have money sitting there in your credit card account that you can't access unless you spend more money. I'm so tired of all this nonsense. It seems that once you've paid these companies money they make it as difficult as th
  10. Our Celebrity Apex preview sailing was cancelled on March 15 and we immediately requested a full refund. We didn't have any confirmation of cancellation or acknowlegement at the time but on 11 April we were sent a cancellation invoice. I messaged Celebrity via their Facebook page last week and received a reply informing me "It is taking us longer than we would've liked to process our refunds at the moment, as this is a manual process and we have a large number of bookings to work through." and that they "do not have an exact time frame, but as we have already passed 30 days it shouldn't
  11. Yes molly361, Not going to do anything yet, plenty of time it's booked for mid August.
  12. Ourusualbeach, Let's hope then that RCI cancel rather than we have to cancel. Still hoping that we get to go on our cruise and this Coronavirus just slows down 🤞
  13. molly361, I'm just thinking about what could happen (that's me I just worry 😁) I just read that Celebrity and RCI we offering future cruise certificates to customers who wished to cancel and the thought occurred to me that if we did cancel and DS and GF were no longer together when we re-booked, GF's future cruise certificate would be useless (money down the drain) if no one else could use it because it was in GF's name.
  14. marci22, I just checked and the non-family member paid only 60% so although I would lose a lot of money, it's a bit less. The future cruise certificate would probably come to me anyway because I made all the bookings but it would be useless because it's in someone else's name.....so wasted money 😭
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