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  1. I posted earlier in this thread. Update...still no refund for my March 31st cruise. I received another call from my Carnival just yesterday. First time he called wanting to know if he could help me rebook and he could apply my refund as FCC instead of getting the refund. I told him no thank you as nobody is certain when or how cruising will be in the future with new rules and regulations. I was expecting him to give some sort of update yesterday as to refund being applied, but he told me he was calling as he saw I was on the Carnival website and wanted to know if he could help out in any way.
  2. My cruise date was March 30th. I was notified of my cancellation on March 14th by Carnival. I immediately filled out the online form like many on here with no reply. I was notified by my Carnival agent a few weeks ago "checking up on me" and wondered if I was ready to book my future cruise as he said I had lots of FCC and OBC to use. He caught me off guard as I had filed for the refund. I told him I had filed for the refund and I wasn't ready to book at this time due to the unforeseen future on how long things were going to be impacted as far as travel goes plus I'm sure there will be new rule
  3. Can someone please help me with a question that I have about the preference form I received for my cancelled form? I hate to contact Carnival as I'm sure they are swamped with more pressing matters. I booked two cabins as my GF and I were sailing with our kids (all minors). We're in one cabin and they're in another next to us. I have two booking numbers as each cabin has it's own booking number. On the form it asks for guests first and last name. For the kids cabin/ booking number... Do I put in one of their names and check the book for all guests since they're the ones in that cab
  4. My GF and I, our kids, and a group of co-workers are sailing March 30th on the Liberty. I'm not concerned about cruising and I still want to go, but many in our group are now very concerned and want to get together to discuss still going. Like many have mentioned...the biggest concern of our group is getting quarantined on the ship and then later elsewhere for 14 days like the Princess ship in CA. I've told some of them that there's probably less chance of getting it on the ship than at Walmart, Disneyworld, etc. with all the cleaning, employees serving buffet items, etc. being done on the shi
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