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  1. Hi Grace, It sounds like it was everything an more that you hoped for, look forward to the review :)
  2. If you can get some on the Pacific Sun let me know. I asked last cruise and they said none left. The previous cruise as I purchased a pair for someone for a 40th birthday and she wore them all over the ship when they put them out for sale in the shop they all sold and even I missed out on a pair for my son. They were $24.00 a pair, but think I did get some on special at one stage for only $17.00
  3. Well, I am sorry folks, but my secret Santa is the best one. I feel for you all that you didn't get my one. Lurrrrrve you secret Santa Firstly, I couldn't help it, I had to rip the parcel open so fast that baby didn't hit the bench! Firstly I got a frame and then turned it over to find a photo/photos of the Pacific Sun and the sail details for our cruise on the 29th November this year, so nice, went straight to the family room and has pride of place! Then I opened a video and it's dust cover was the photo of the Pacific Sun form our sailing day, I couldn't believe it and had to put it straight on to watch. The music well, how cool, it was from the Onedin line as series from a few years back. Then at the end of the video the TV add music from P&O and images and everything and to top that off my favourite Chocs, lindt. So I cried, this was one of the nicest gifts I have ever received. Thank you Secret Santa for making my year so complete. :) Just perfect.
  4. Currently it's Captain Philpott, can't think of his first name. He is just lovely and friendly.
  5. I personally like to get there early, I usually arrive around 8.30 am that way the P&OQ is not so long. After checking in we usually go and have a coffee etc. The earlier you are there the earlier you will board. They will give you a boarding pass with a letter and then call the letter for boarding. You can then board anytime after the letter has been called. We had "A" last time and Borded when they were calling "P" You will receive a letter in your cabin a day of so prior to disembarkation which will have all of your info and it will tell you where to go and what time to be there. Say 7am in Atlantis lounge. I mostly seem to get an 8.30 disembarkation. Your luggage will need to be put outside your cabin the night before usually before 9pm, often the request is for 6pm. What you have left over from that night you will need to put in a small overnight bag to carry off. Hope this helps:)
  6. Wow, that is great. You said it all perfectly for the perfect day in Melbourne!
  7. I'm loving too and even though I have sent mine off I am sort of hoping mine that I am to receive doesn't arrive till close to Chrissy as the temptation to open it will be so strong!
  8. Thanks you so much for taking the time to let us know from the ship how it's all going!! :DI have put in a clear weather wish with the cruising fairies for you, so here's hoping it all goes well with the ocean.
  9. Hi Amanda, How was your cruise? You got off as we were boarding and I did keep and eye out but didn't spot you.
  10. Hi Linda, I think they may have had both, I know I saw the generic ones, but I think they may have had some pac sun ones there are well. I do agree though they are moving into generic P&O stuff. Which will mean that they won't get stuck with all the left overs when they change ships
  11. A few Pac Sun bits and pieces for sale, however I think they are moving into mainly just P&O gear as there was quite a lot of that available. They also had some quite nice clothing for sale, like 3/4 pants and Ts. I did purchase a really cute little key ring with the pac sun etched in glass and it lights up, kitch but cute. I always buy some P&O playing cards in the casino, they are either $1 or $2 each and a fun momento. Sadly, no more ship slippers available on the Pac Sun.
  12. Just wanted to mention we totally missed the storm but looking back to Brissy the sky was amazing. My cruising fairies made sure we had a wonderful sail away. And Kirsten you are so right, Captain Philpott was the horniest captain ever. I even mentioned this when I wrote out his "you made a difference card" :D He did the same when we were leaving Sydney too. But my favourite was the special one he did just for you in the Brisbane river! Cruzer Nut, it was fantastic, but very rough coming in to Melbourne during the night. Once we hit Wilsons Prom it got rough, but by morning the seas were calm and the sky was bleak. The waves were hitting the window (we were on main deck) and the reflection of the lights from above on the waves made it look like some one was shining torches in through our window.
  13. YAY!! I'll join you in your booking happy dance!:D Isn't life great, and booking cruises is a sure sign that you are enjoying life to the fullest. Well that's my excuse anyway!:rolleyes:
  14. Hi Decco, Adam the CD on board mentioned one night that there were only 5 people in the night club. Him, the Dj and 3 bar staff! He said he was determined to get everyone into the night club one way or another and was thinking about moving the buffet in there, that way it would surely be jam packed! Say hi to Nicholas the 'JACD' for us and ask him if his rose making instructions are improving and if he has come accross any more clams in Trivia! :eek:
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