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  1. one I know.. screen name is actually mitsugirly great reviewer!
  2. Well this isn't a review...sorry off topic....sort of... But a gem of a thread, with over 1500 replies! ENJOY!!!
  3. OH - What about the one by the guy that missed the ship in the Bahamas, because his kid went back to the ship with the writer's friend or brother... and he stayed too long in Atlantis looking for them? Can't remember the screen name... but what an adventure!
  4. I remember those...they were really good. I don't remember the screen name tho.. sorry
  5. I think finding the actual Muster Station should be the point...and First Time cruisers need this the most. Sooo... maybe they could have in-person drill instruction for first time Carnival cruisers. Then repeat cruisers would be able to just read or view some instructions and go check in at their Muster Station.
  6. Jbella101, sorry you are missing out on your first real adult vacation 😞 Did you call a Carnival PVP directly? or is this a travel agent? If it is a Carnival person, i would call back and talk to someone else..and let them know also how you were treated. Did you go ahead and fill out the online form for your refund?
  7. wow...that sounds fun...lol well then - I guess we can look at it the same.... you choose to schlep it all around at the buffet... same as to the muster station, that's their choice. again... i think it's a good idea
  8. yes, but that is 10 out of 750 which is like 1.3%, with 9 of them showing no symptoms. They are quarantining them and going to retest. I assume once they are cleared, they will still get to start work and sail. This process is just going to have to be factored into the restart timeline.
  9. I think Royal is on the right track...Especially since you have to report to your muster station. I like the idea of being able to go get it done and then go enjoy myself, without crowding together with a group. NavyCruiser, that's a great idea, the only problem I see would be for those folks that carry on their own luggage and supplies.
  10. I am seeing that alert at the top of the Carnival home page, without even logging in, so it's not likely specific to your cruise. I assume that it not appearing above 1 screen is a glitch and was meant to show on all screens. Also note, that if you expand with the 'more' drop down, you will see this: Our actual offerings may vary from what is displayed or described here. Stay updated on current Health and Sailings Advisories.
  11. One thing that was concerning health wise to me, was his response when asked about air filtration. He talked about conflicting reports as to whether that was actually a concern for spreading the virus. Knowing that it probably isn't feasible to update older ships with fresh air to each room systems... I would have liked to hear they were looking into something to upgrade filtration.
  12. that pic above was shocking! And definitely won't help sell their cruises as an adventure on a well maintained vessel. Hopefully they are able to take advantage of this down time and address this issue on all impacted ships....unless they intend to just scrap them, which I was shocked to hear in the interview. anybody want to start a go-fund me to buy a cruise ship?
  13. I saw the same thing when i was booking my last cruise...and it is confusing. But I figured out that the lower rate would be for any balcony...not the subcategory I was looking to book. I took this literally that they are defining it in the parenthesis and would make no assumptions it would mean you get to specify the Havana area: Your stateroom will be assigned within the selected room type (Interior, Oceanview, Balcony, Suite) If you call and find out differently...let us know 🙂
  14. So I wonder if the ships will stay close to their drop off locations, instead of sailing back to US waters. That would allow them to bring crew back in-mass, when they are ready to begin operations again.
  15. I know this is frustrating, I would like to know the status of our upcoming Memorial week cruise also. My take away from today's video, in corporate speak, is that they are giving their managers a chance to inform employees today of the decisions directly impacting them, then they will release it to the public on the next business day. This way employees don't hear it from the media first.
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