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  1. Is this even still a thing? Its been a couple of years since we sailed, but seems like even then we had to go to a bar for drinks. I kind of missed that being waited on hand & foot while lounging feeling... but we did spend less on drinks this way. Amy
  2. for those who have used this convenience... how does it taste? is it simlar to PureLife? Aquafina? Desani?
  3. your best bet would be to search on here for the Upsell Fairy threads and see if one of the phone #s provided can get you to someone to see if there is an offer for a balcony available for you cruise. (note this is not a free upgrade, but sometimes the price difference is minimal) i keep wanting to try this... has anyone tried calling these #s and were successful?
  4. This is basically what the old midnight buffet was, back in the day on Carnival. Ice sculptures, all sorts of meats and deserts and carved fruits as pictured above. This is what people are saying is a waste, since more people took pictures of it, than went back through to eat.
  5. yes, this would be my concern... room for 3 adults and all their stuff. that being said, we LOOOVED the aft wrap we got as an up-sell 1 time, the balcony was bid it had like 11 pcs of furniture on it! (felt a little guilty with just the 2 of us)
  6. Hmmm.... so you can book a room for 2+ people, and only reserve it under 1 name?
  7. For one of our cruises, our friends from another state missed their flight, but their luggage didn't. Since we drove down, we ended up going to Huston Hobby to pick up their luggage, while they were flying in later to Bush Intl. We put all our bag tags on the biggest pieces and planned to carry on the rest...however I think the porter helped us with more tags and took 5/6 full size pieces of luggage, without batting an eye. (like most people we tip per bag, so I'm guessing the porters are like - the more the merrier)
  8. Yes lots of people love to get their money's worth.... there are plenty of threads where people share their tips for fugal / money saving cruise tips. example: Some of our ways to save or befrugal to enjoy more or longer cruises!!! In fact there is a board for it: Saving Money on Your Cruise - Tips & Advice
  9. Question on this topic - Do you think more people are starting threads for their reviews, rather than using the Review tool? Maybe they need to add an option for rating, when a user starts a thread. i.e: Is this a review? yes - pop up the rating buttons.
  10. Several years ago I had read on here to photocopy our passports...which I did while getting ready for our cruise. Luckily DH asked me to check the passports & docs again as we were pulling out of the driveway... My best intentions had almost been our undoing.... I had left them on the scanner check...check....and recheck folks!
  11. Like most, my mind is kinda blown by this...but it sounds like you have learned to prepare and just roll with it. 😊 These are actually good tips to prepare for just in case you do get separated.... take a pic at the start of the day with what everyone is wearing. Have a plan, like if it gets close to time and you can't find someone head to the ship. I would have trouble doing so and remaining calm....is he looking all over the place for me here, or is he waiting at the gangway for me? We stick pretty close together in ports. But it can happen really easy in a big straw market, when i stop to look at something. So maybe a more immediate plan would help, like if we get separated go to the end of whatever row you are shopping, on which side and wait...pretty obvious but in a bigger group, it might help to state it out loud.
  12. So if I understand correctly, you can request the price match, but stay categorized as an Early Saver. Good info...as I think I was told one time also, that if i switched that I would be under the new promotional one and not eligible for another price drop.
  13. When people say it's different in the Caribbean and you will burn, they mean it! My mom, who was always tan in the summers, burned for the first time in her life on her first cruise...at the age of 65. Definitely take sunscreen. I take 2 different SPFs -a higher one for the first couple of days, then step down to a lower SPF.
  14. Right - we went through this the 1 (and last) time we booked through Expedia...the only reason we did so, was the good OBC. They never sent the info to the cruiseline, we wasted time checking on it daily. The GS desk said that we were one of several in the same situation. After we got home, I contacted the travel site and and they credited our credit card for the amount. The person i spoke with was well aware of the how to credit us afterwards. I got the feeling this was their standard process... 😠
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