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  1. We usually cruise during the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The ships we have been on are decorated very nicely (Christmas trees, garland around the railings in the atrium and staircase, etc) and the majority of the photo stations are Christmas themed.
  2. my guess would be there is paint/stain stripper under there and you will see them sanding and applying new stain over the next day or so
  3. sounds like something my hubby would love...if it's not just basics anyone with a smoker know. I'd be interested in a review of the experience, when you return 🙂
  4. seems like I read in a thread months ago that the on board speeds would not support VPN, if that is what you need. you might try starting(or renaming if it lets you) a thread specific to internet speeds in the title, to get responses on current speeds being seen on board, from those who have cruised since the restart.
  5. 18 hours ago, grinthock said: Who's idea was it to "bevel" or "multi level" the ship where lower decks - stick out - further than the decks above it? have you seen the new MSC ships?
  6. There is something about getting behind the wheel of a scooter that has the same effect as that old, old Disney Goofy cartoon called Motor Mania. I saw this with my mom, from mild mannered to NASCAR bump-drafter... She actually clipped another assisted living resident's walker and instead of applogizing when the nurse talked to her about it, she was like "Well they should have gotten out of the way" 😲
  7. I'm so sorry... that's a hard time to go through. I took my Mom, who has passed now, on a cruise to celebrate her retirement...it was the first for each of us and I would not trade one minute of it for anything. Glad you have those memories to cherish 🙂
  8. True... Plus if you do a 5-600 mile radius for those of us in the middle of the country that can get there in a 1 day drive, you can see the even bigger draw
  9. These all sound just fine to me... good ideas. I especially like the idea of the e-muster... I like requiring to go find your muster station and orientate yourself on how to get there...but doing it without a few hundred other people.
  10. Don't know why you couldn't.... like fly in, rent a car, vacation in Orlando for 24hrs, return car and catch Carnival shuttle at the airport.
  11. Plus, the entrance for the slides and the splash pool are no where near The Serenity. I agree...seems well thought out on this one 🙂
  12. OH But it will be SOOO worth it! I say diet before & after... but don't worry about it on vacation 🙂
  13. perfect timing... John Heald posted yesterday asking what else people would like to see available in branded merchandise, after success of the Monopoly game. https://www.facebook.com/144285012280735/posts/5311023395606845/?sfnsn=mo
  14. Since it is relatively new offer... is it yet to be known as to whether the Cheers included offer can be rolled to a future cruise, if they cancel your cruise with that type of booking ?
  15. what is the "crisp portobello mushroom entree"? do you have a picture?
  16. Exactly! If it were a lifeboat between you and looking down at the water, it would likely be sold as an obstructed view.
  17. EEEEEEWWWWWWW! I'm with you.....unless you are planning to spend time washing clothes repeatedly during vacation.. That's terrible advice!
  18. Thank you. I appreciate your comparison...and it's nice to read some 'normal' stuff 🙂 We've been wondering about an AI....but always have felt we get a great value from Carnival, especially if we drive to our embarkment port.
  19. yes that was a great point on the video. I would not like that, as I want some sun. Those who want full shade, but don't want people above them looking directly down on them, might find this as a bonus.
  20. thanks... that WAS a LOOONG video. I didn't see anything specific for those. I'll go look at your suggestion on deck 8 🙂
  21. these are the ones that have me curious - sold as regular balcony, but appear bigger. I wonder if it would catch to much wind to be enjoyable?
  22. He clarified that he was referring to the Mayan calendar end of the world thing from that year...nothing more.
  23. ahhh...ok. I was assuming that they were sized more like passenger cabins.
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