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  1. Yes. Children are welcome as long as they are well behaved and you are with them.
  2. No experience with Gift Certificates, but yes to Onboard Credit.
  3. I'm not sure of your departure date but ours is 10/24 for a 9 night roundtrip out of Cape Liberty. We depart from Bayonne, Sea Day, then Boston (day 3) few more port days, then visit 2 ports in Canada then back to Bayonne. In this case wouldn't it be permissible since we'd be visiting a foreign port in between? There was a chance my hubby couldn't get off the day we set sail (all worked out now) and we had contemplated this same thing. Just curious.
  4. We’re 3 weeks out from our cruise and would like to see recent cruise compasses for this itinerary. It’s a multi-generation cruise with our kids & grands. First cruise for all the kiddos! There will be 6 kids from 1-10 and it would be a help to see the kids compasses as well. Thanks! Cindy
  5. When they changed the way points are awarded you received 7 points for each cruise regardless if number of days. Then you received one bonus point at conversion. I also had a 9 night and only got 7 points. All those with 3/4 night cruises got 7 each from my understanding.
  6. We were onboard Allure last week. One morning at breakfast around 8:00 in Coastal Kitchen we sat and watched the towel guys gathering towels off the chairs right next to the pool. A whole row of 8 or so chairs. I’m guessing they staked their claim and went to breakfast. I was happy to see, at least at that time, they were enforcing the rules. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. We’re getting off when you get on. It’s been a great week. Dexter just returned this sailing and he and Junior have been great concierges. Only disappointment is Allure has not yet been approved by CBP for luggage valet in Miami so we’ll have to claim our bags and get them to the airport. Enjoy yoy trip! Cindy
  8. On our current sailing on Allure last night at Mamma Mia. About 6 sat in the front row for Star Class. Second row was The Key where one person sat. We were Suite in third row. 10 minutes til the masses headed to the front two rows to fill it up.
  9. Hey Ben & Jody! We’re on Anthem in October for the New England/Canada cruise. I’m taking notes for that future cruise. Leaving on Sunday on Allure with a friend to celebrate my 55th birthday. Booked a Junior Suite guarantee and lucked into a Grand Suite. Looking forward to the suite lounge again. Also scored the Ultimate Dining Package for $129 on Black Friday. Hope you two have a great time in Anthem! Happy sails! Cindy
  10. Sorry, I never got around to a review this time! I took a group of 28 friends and family of which about 22 had never been to Alaska. My time was not completely my own this trip so I didn’t do a report. I still highly recommend the Southbound from Seward with as many days as you can do on a cruise tour prior. You will not be disappointed.
  11. No you will not lose anything. Often times you will get added OBC and/or additional perks.
  12. Vision will be in Galveston March/April 2019. Enchantment is there May/Aug 2019. Both are doing shorter 4/5 night itineraries. Ive never sailed either so I cannot answer your question about the lounges.
  13. Just off Allure 2 weeks ago. We had the 3 night package and were allowed to use it at Izumi Habachi for 1 meat. If you wanted 2 you had to pay an up charge of $11 (I think, whatever the price difference is in the two). I order 2 as that was the only way lobster was available. At the end they told told me that they didn’t add the upcharge. We had to do the early time at 5pm as other two were sold out. We had the entire grill to ourselves. Was kind of nice!
  14. We had no problem boarding Allure at Port Everglades a couple of weeks ago.
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