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  1. We've vacationed several times without even telling my grandparents we were going because they tend to be critical, tell us we could do better things with our money, etc. :rolleyes:


    However, now we feel we have to because my grandfather is upper 80's. If he would pass away and we didn't answer the phone or return calls when family notified us, there would be an uproar when we got back.

  2. Grandson that went with us (oldest) is 6. Granddaughter is 7 months younger than him and will turn 6 in February. Granddaughter (Kendras youngest) will be 1 next month. Another grandson will be 1 in 2 months. Grandbaby #5 due in May. :eek: I'M.GETTING.OLD! Yikes.


    Just curious what your grandchildren call your husband. He's too young to be a "grandpa". :D

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