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  1. Has anyone stayed recently at Ft Lauderdale Cruisport Hotel. I know it's being renovated and soon the name change. I've read reviews and they range from 1 star to 41/2. Not a whole lot of very recent reviews. I'm hoping to hear a recent assessment. Thanks
  2. I think I will give them a call. Just want to get it taken care of before we go. I guess I'm just trying to " hoard" my OBC for excursions and of course the casino 🙄
  3. We have the Classic package from the promotion. How do we upgrade to Premium before we sail ? Thanks
  4. Can't wait to hear more.....we will sailing with her soon....but not soon enough!
  5. We just booked this hotel for the day before( march25) We paid $250.00 which included taxes
  6. We joined the Captains Club when it cost $35.00! That was a long time ago. I don't remember a t shirt but like I said...it was ages ago.
  7. i did call Hyatt directly. They had no reservation for me. So I knew there wouldn't be a charge. I was just hoping there was a delay in confirmation. I'm disappointed that we won't be staying there. It's a great place! First time at a new place...hoping for the best.
  8. There is a Mexican restaurant in that little strip plaza just across the street from Embassy. I think it's Carlos and Pepe's. I think they have the best homemade salsa ever! Th menu is pretty extensive...not all Mexican but all good.
  9. We just booked Ft Lauderdale airport/ cruise port. With tax just over $250, that is for march 25 this year. The prices this time of year are outrageous! Judie
  10. After the third email to ValueTrips I finally received a response. Rooms unavailable for the weekend requested. I don't know what took so long but at least I know the answer. Booked Ft. Lauderdale Airport/ Cruiseport. Not what we wanted but the prices were within our range. With taxes we are paying just over $250. Trip advisor had decent reviews and we do like the amenities and location. Oh well it's just for 1 night. How bad can it be? (Famous last words)
  11. I have kept a close watch on my cc....not too concerned because they never charge until check in. I did call the Hyatt...they have no reservation. Indy.....I'm encouraged to know it took so long to get your response...maybe I will still hear something. I'll let you all know if I hear anything.
  12. I have used Value Trips many times. I don't know if there some problem but I have not received a yay or nay from them regarding a reservation I requested. I know it takes awhile but when it got to be over a week I called and of course left a message. No return call. Then I tried email....no response to that either. I even tried another call,another message. I just hope they don't put the 3 rooms on my card. Has anyone had this problem? Judie
  13. We always stay at that Hyatt Place. The Harbor Shops are a very short walk away. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how much the area has built up. If you go to their website it should tell you exactly what shops and restaurants are there. You will have much to choose from.
  14. We have been using QLS foR the past few years. They have never disappointed. Always right on time. Office staff ( Karina) is so easy to work with. They will be your go to service from now on.
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