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  1. Thanks for your help. Anytime dining on HAL apparently works much as it did on Princess. I still can't believe there's nothing on the HAL website about how anytime dining is done, especially as it is apparently somewhat different on different ships. You'd think one could log in and somewhere under "already booked" there would be a discussion of how anytime dining will be handled on your ship. Maybe I just overlooked it, so I'll go look again.
  2. We've sailed multiple times with HAL and have always had traditional dining. However, on our upcoming September cruise we have anytime dining. I can find nothing on the HAL website about anytime dining. Can someone please refer me to a post on anytime dining on HAL, particularly on New Statendam if one is available. I just want to see how it works. We've only done anytime dining once, on Princess, and were able to eat at the same time every night but without a specific table assigned. Will HAL let us do it this way? Thanks for your help, luxurysailer
  3. Thanks to all for your replies. I never thought about asking shore excursion personnel on the ship for their advice concerning degree of difficulty of an excursion. I've never previously dealt with the possibility of an excursion being too strenuous for either DW or me. I'll also look for any reviews of the excursions we're considering to see if the reviewer remarked on the degree of difficulty. Just a word of advice to anyone considering taking the wildlife viewing excursion in the Falklands. The one we went on was very strenuous, and we were glad when it was over. Perhaps the worst part was frequently having to walk in what looked like deep ruts left by 4-wheel vehicles. These were only about 6-8 inches wide and about 18 inches deep, requiring that in order to take the next step you had to place your moving foot directly in front of the planted foot. This really increased the degree of difficulty. Luxurysailer
  4. Two years ago we and friends went on a wildlife viewing excursion in the Falkland Islands which was classified as strenuous. We found it to be very difficult and vowed to take the activity level classifications seriously on future shore excursions. We're cruising from Amsterdam to Rome in September, and I note that the vast majority of shore excursions in Portugal and Spain are classified as moderately difficult. Since we're both in our late 70s and have knee issues, this concerns me about booking excursions classified as moderately difficult. However, when I note that the excursion to the Vatican Museum and St. Peter's Basilica is classified as moderately strenuous, I begin to suspect that degree of activity is being over classified. We've been to the Vatican Museum and St. Peter's, and we'd classify both of these as easy. So, what I need to know is whether or not we should be overly concerned about going on shore excursions classified as moderately difficult. Both of us are active, climb stairs regularly, and have no difficulty walking distances of a mile or so. Your opinions will be appreciated. Thanks, Luxurysailer
  5. We're considering a cruise in September 2019 on Statendam. I notice on the deck plans that there is a large grayed out and unlabeled area on deck 3 port side extending from near the stern forward to almost the area under the atrium on deck 4. I'm concerned this may be the galley or perhaps some other noisy area that might be heard in the staterooms above it on deck 4. I would appreciate any information that anyone can give concerning this. Thanks, Luxurysailer
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