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  1. windsor26

    El Cheapo Cruises Thread

    Thanks Sinbad
  2. windsor26

    El Cheapo Cruises Thread

    Trying to find the offer with flights but no luck any hints would be great Thanks
  3. Spent 4 days in Cairns in December and did the reef tour to the Agincourt floating platford It was an excellent day even though it rained most of the time There were sufficienmt dry times to do the things we wanted to do swim and etc and my daughter did the helmet walk on the floor Very safe and there is quite a lot of coral to see even though for us the sea was rough and therefore not as clear to look through I am 79 so do not let your age be a factor
  4. windsor26

    PNG Cruise

    You need to book and look at a lot of faces lol
  5. Thanks for the photos I must say that the menu choices you have are MUCH MUCH better and more varied than those we have on Australian based Princess ships we seem to get 4 seafood mains and one meat and the always available are very sparse - one of them being fish as well
  6. windsor26

    Onboard payment help... (Rcl)

    May I suggest a debit card instead as they charge a percentage for using credit cards but not debit
  7. windsor26

    Gratuties onboard ships

    Thank you makes a difference to know when you are budgeting for the overall cost of a cruise
  8. windsor26


    Happy Healthy and Comfortable New Year we wish you all what you need
  9. windsor26

    Gratuties onboard ships

    Just to confirm RCI and Celebrity no longer add gratuities daily or just from the Australian ports?
  10. windsor26

    El Cheapo Cruises Thread

    Thank you clever to use the same name as her home page (lol)
  11. windsor26

    El Cheapo Cruises Thread

    I have been hunting for this without success any hints please
  12. windsor26

    Gym on Sea Princess

    I seem to remember some resistance equipment for legs and arms but not an expert
  13. windsor26

    Sea Princess short review

    Just got of the SUN 7 day cruise, Had great time 4 superb production shows, other entertainment up to Princess standard, ship is in good condition from refits. We too were in broom cupboard "Stateroom". Entertainment director DuVaul one of the best and motivated his staff.
  14. The weather is very very rough at present did the GBR yesterday and gales and rain but an enjoyable day we booked direct with silver and paid $251 AUD but had more than 4 hours on board complete with meals and snacks I think this may be tool long for a cruise day
  15. Do you think this is just one of the companies used by Jay Ride at Sydney and JayRide at other airports would be OK?