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  1. The weather is very very rough at present did the GBR yesterday and gales and rain but an enjoyable day we booked direct with silver and paid $251 AUD but had more than 4 hours on board complete with meals and snacks I think this may be tool long for a cruise day
  2. Do you think this is just one of the companies used by Jay Ride at Sydney and JayRide at other airports would be OK?
  3. windsor26

    Princess Alcohol Policy

    Their rules and regulations say wine brought on board at EMBARKATION can be kept and you pay extra corkage sometimes it can be done at a port of call if this is ALSO an embarkation port but otherwise I would expect them to take it away from you
  4. windsor26

    Priority embarkation

    Hi Evon We recently went on a Princess cruise and got the usual message same as yours but we arrived on the usual train getting there about 11am and went straight through no problems at all
  5. windsor26

    Booking with a TA

    Definitely get a different and better agent When I book my agent tells me how many FCL's I have and uses them in date preference all good I dont get many or any price drops either as I book with a very good price to start with
  6. windsor26

    Princess cruises - medical forms?

    good to know thanks :Leigh
  7. Just checking as P&O Australia no longer require these forms Do Princess still want them
  8. windsor26

    Mini Bar Set-Up

    You can swap the beer for miniatures so could have 2 more Dewars
  9. Can anyone offer some ideas for a trip (with a car but not too far) while in Yorkes Knob We have booked the reef and the Kuranda day and will probably go to the crocodile farm visitors from Uk with us Thanks
  10. windsor26

    P&O drink prices

    I think I remember a glass of wine is $9.95 a bottle is from $27 (Hardys) I believe the beer is a similar price but you can get a bucket of 6 for 5 cocktails start at $12 and go up to $17 I do not know about spirits sorry
  11. windsor26

    Onboard credit

    Enjoy that is what cruising is all about
  12. windsor26


    forget to re purchase uyou you would not be using your obc When you get to your room there will be two LARGE bottles of water and a card advising tjhe cost and I think sometimes it is three for the price of two wait till you embark and see
  13. windsor26

    Onboard credit

    on board credit can be used for anything except casino although when you put cash from your room account onto your casino card there does not seem to be a problem You may find an asterix next to some of the amounts on your account advising the obc is not refundable if not used but the accounts department will use this first enjoy your cash:):)
  14. windsor26

    refusal of shareholder on board credit

    Just an update after several no numerous contacts through various agencies and facebook etc I have at last received confirmation that they have allowed my shareholder obc so thank you P&O someone in the office reads the e mails and acts conscientously:):):)