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  1. Just google the name given by jland and travel agent and you will find her
  2. I must have been lucky or good at my selection of TA's I used 3 different ones that cruises were impacted by cruise cancellations and in every case got the monies back and credited to another booking within a couple of weeks - sometimes quicker. The only problems I had were with flights. I booked on with A Spanish TA via skyscanners (never again) Travelgenio kept my money for almost a year and until I contacted the Spanish Tourism licensing board I was not even getting proper answers from them then suddenly I got the refund (less $28 which I suppose could have been currency difference
  3. Don't forget if you were not aware Celebrity will give you the same loyalty level you have with Royal C Just ask before you leave
  4. We did the Murray week over Christmas several years ago during the drought but it was still a great experience and the staff were amazing.
  5. getting into Akaroa requires the captain to work through a dog leg and sometimes the weather and wind gives him pause to think it is not worth the danger. I have done 5/6 NZ cruises from Australia going in both directions around NZ so starting with the Fiords and also ending with the Fiords and we have not missed them once. As said the luck of the draw.
  6. Booked for 10 days 14th June and also 5 days Tasmania Dec 2021 Hope they both go ahead.
  7. You are right I will not cancel either leaving it to them to do so and use the credit on the next one booked in December on the Adventurer BUT perhaps the Adventurer is not, going to b e part of their changes - fingers crossed and it is not going to a foreign port)
  8. Ouch Evon We have one booked on the Adventurer on 14th June not heard its cancellation YET what was yours on
  9. I have booked cruises working o the premise that cruises ONLY going to Australian ports will probably/possibly go ahead as things are at present with the borders
  10. I have booked three (yes 3) 10 day cruises from Sydney this year doing the itinerary you mention (all a little different) and as we have done these cruises several times in the past this must tell you they are worth doing Have a great honeymoon even if it has been delayed
  11. Funny you should say that I have just today had to purchase some Gin and brandy for DH as I have completely run out of all the duty free bought over the years I have 5 months to go before i can buy some on the June cruise (hopefully) it breaks my heart to pay the Australian prices......
  12. I have tried on the Carnival thread but of course USA rules may not be duplicated here. Has anyone actually booked this steak house on the Splendor and if so do you know if they offer a complimentary bottle of wine (probably only on the first night) but a USA person said the first Elegant night) and someone else posted the following (which would be great) Posted 7 hours ago I would double check in case things are different on the Splendor down under, but with the US based ships, besides ge
  13. The australian log in site has a link to enable you to pre book the Fohrenheit 555 restaurant but does not give details re price today and th wine possibilities I am guessing the option for purchase 50% off would only be offered in the US based ships as we do not get many of the same perks
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