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  1. Thanks Yes our TA has noted that they will do the refund but not happened yet
  2. Princess cancelled our cruise which should have been in March I chose the 225% option and today I received the future cruise credit on my Princess a/c but the port taxes and extras which were to be refunded in cash have not yet appeared. Do they have to come via the TA?
  3. I had 3 cancelled cruises all using FC letters I got 2 of them back eventually (one was out of the 2 years date so I phoned and they extended it for a year so used it for a booking) I am still waiting for the 3rd letter but I think it is part of the cancelled Sun Princess cruise which will happen when they give me a refund and the future cruise credits at least hope so
  4. Still waiting for my refund and future cruise credit for their cancellation of 25th March cruise Asa said credits and days removed from my a/c but aiting for the Future letter to be returned etc at this point in time 12.43 australian time the web site is down for maintenance
  5. My cancelled by Princess cruise has stayed on my history as completed and days still credited I have received 2 FC letters back to my account but do not know if one of them is from this cancelled cruise or the other two I cancelled myself. I have used these letters again and am waiting for my 225% future cruise credit to be put on my a/c and hopefully perhaps the FCD letter I used for that cruise at the same time. Can but hope Boo Hoo just checked again and days and credit have disappeared from my a/c Now I await by future cruise credits
  6. Just booked 2 (back to back for March 2-021)
  7. How did you manage this with the airline or thru insurance?
  8. ought my shares in 2009 for 1400 sterling They went up to 4700 sterling and are now down to 1800 sterling But I am sure they will recover and anyone who cruises should buy now A no brainer when I have had my money back in obc twice already Also every year I have had 4 x about 28-33 sterling in dividends Buy NOW
  9. It does not matter where Queehsland ta is good nd of course very 'CLEAN' I paid gty $999 and got to choose my cabin and got $100 obc
  10. All Carnival group ships based from Australia have NO SMOKING EVERY NIGHT in Casino this is great and obviously their winnings (the company's) have increased
  11. think it will be a case of cai sera sera nothing we can do about it just wait and see
  12. Yes I had been on the Solomon's site but wondered how strict they were being I had measles in 1942 but the doctors who knew this are dead and all my records are in UK I am not going to get a vacination now
  13. Can anyone who has RECENT knowledge of what Solomon Islands particularly does regarding allowing passengers ( mostly elderly of course) who cannot give written proof of having had measles years ago - will they let them disembark? Thanks
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