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  1. windsor26

    Onboard credit

    Enjoy that is what cruising is all about
  2. windsor26


    forget to re purchase uyou you would not be using your obc When you get to your room there will be two LARGE bottles of water and a card advising tjhe cost and I think sometimes it is three for the price of two wait till you embark and see
  3. windsor26

    Onboard credit

    on board credit can be used for anything except casino although when you put cash from your room account onto your casino card there does not seem to be a problem You may find an asterix next to some of the amounts on your account advising the obc is not refundable if not used but the accounts department will use this first enjoy your cash:):)
  4. windsor26

    refusal of shareholder on board credit

    Just an update after several no numerous contacts through various agencies and facebook etc I have at last received confirmation that they have allowed my shareholder obc so thank you P&O someone in the office reads the e mails and acts conscientously:):):)
  5. windsor26

    refusal of shareholder obc

    Just an update I tried every contact and every way I could think of with the P&O personnel and bosses and today I got confirmation that I had been allowed my shareholder obc Thanks p&o
  6. Sounds about right Everything else he touched has sunk but it would be better if he spent his spare cash repaying those people he swindled
  7. windsor26

    Credit card insurance

  8. windsor26

    Loyalty obc

    What you may find interesting is that we doing Australian based cruises get the loyalty bonus and they upgrade it from the US$25 to AUD33 whoopeeee
  9. Well I got it in writing from Allianz today as below: ......in brief if you were wanting cover for the existing medical conditions there would be a $75 administration fee per person if we agreed to cover the conditions, if you are not wanting to declare the condition of if we were to decline cover for the conditions you would still have full cover for any new conditions or injury’s that may develop aslong as they are not connected with you existing medical conditions the option is always yours to declare or not to declare your existing conditions if you choose not to you will still have the full cover for everything else
  10. windsor26

    Credit card insurance

    Hi Evon HSBS also say they want the 90% payment of the return fares paid but whatever you do while abroad paid however you like is also covered the just want the return fare
  11. windsor26

    E Visa

    This sort of assistance is what cruisecritic is all about:):)
  12. windsor26

    Credit card insurance

    Prior to the credit cards all changing their supplier to Allianz I always used them for the past 15 years with no problem (and thefts paid out) but I suggest you read then thread above pre existing travel insurance it is very interesting and may answer your question
  13. Thanks for that I see it is Westpac and we are HSBC so I must look at their rules and also the pre existing automatic list does not include Hashimoto's which is on the 29 conditions on the Alliance/HSBC policy so it seems each c/c has its own conditions which may not be the same as another bank's
  14. Can you give me the link to this statement? perhaps it is for people who purchased a cover not the complimentary c/c cover
  15. No not according to the Allianz person unless you pay the $75 each assessment charge every holiday