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  1. you get to be the first in line for a vaccine? my Alaskan towns are first in line for a vaccine to protect us from you? time to build more torres ...............
  2. https://covid19.alaska.gov/travelers/ If you travel the coast of southern Italy you will find intervisible watch towers (torres). Pretty interesting cultural structure, almost govt paid family jobs. It was always the youngest that had to walk down the hill and fetch water and food. Not really to alert the coast to pirates or other invasions but to defend against the landing of plague ridden vessels.
  3. Putterdude = I've missed seeing your tags.
  4. https://www.alaskapublic.org/2020/08/04/first-cruise-ship-to-leave-sail-in-southeast-returns-after-passenger-tests-positive/
  5. my cat just threw up on the stairs, just thought i'd share what the lovely ms b-d and i found out to work with groups was "this day is your day. you are responsible for planning all trips, meals, housing, entertainment, because today is not my day"
  6. https://www.petersburgpilot.com/story/2020/06/04/news/covid-19-shuts-down-pacific-wings/9788.html
  7. I live in the middle of southeast and we are never surprised to receive 25% of our annual rainfall in October. Let's see, 25% of 110 inches equals wet. I think it would be difficult to find a wide choice of available excursions.
  8. it's being called the 18 month winter, sept 2019 - may 2021
  9. as shown in the topo, it is correctly spelled MISTY FIORDS as it was incorrectly spelled in the federal legislation. you get what you pay for ...............................
  10. mom always said "put a pile of dog crap in one hand and all your wishes in the other, guess which weighs the most" I wouldn't bet on anything that's not totally refundable ..... Delta just refunded $12k in flights to my BoA cc but BoA says it'll cost 3% if I want to convert that back to cash.
  11. +1 but it will be move convenient to wallmart.
  12. "ferry" ? your words are strange to me. We haven't had a working ferry system for over a year. Even when functioning, Skagway didn't have daily service. Sweet baby jeebus, just carry your passport. So many electrons died needlessly for this discussion.
  13. 35 years a frequent flier on AS65 north and AS64 south out of PSG. Rare that you couldn't nod recognition to someone at SEATAC at oh six thirty for the northbound. You could always tell it was april as the camo covered bear hunters smelling of beer sitting next to the straight out of the LL Bean catalog steelheaders smelling of G&T. told my mom in '81, " i'm only gone on a 2 year contract" can't seem to find the contract .....
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