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  1. weather patterns have been changing. 30 years ago October was the rainiest month in SE. Now, September is becoming the rainiest month; affecting the timing of fish returns, berry harvest, bear activity ....
  2. 50-60 F is closer to 10-15 C, a little cooler than your est by a few degrees
  3. April? Hmmm. Not to be Debbie Downer but I think you'll be doing a whole lot of fishing and very little catching. It's just too early. The six person limit is based upon the captain's rating. A major step up w/ experience to commercially carry more passengers. If you are trolling ( a fishing technique of dragging bait through the water to see what strikes, a term appropriated by the interznet that has nothing to do with mythical creatures) you will only have 4 lines active in the water; 2 off the stern and one off the port and one off the starboard.
  4. recreational marijuana i was there on 9/11. three days before we could get a ferry out. no planes, our dispatcher lectured us for being out of the office building. blue water over the bow for 3 hours then a turn to port and took it on the starboard side. recreational marijuana, yep that's the answer
  5. comparing apples with road apples? central Alaska weather has no relationship with weather in maritime Southeast
  6. sitka look at where there's a commercial fleet, not skagway skagway is the head of a deep fjord with vertical banks. no shallows for bugs to rear to feed or rear fry to feed the larger fish to make them want to hang around
  7. Wait, what, wait, what ??!! Tracy's is over rated?!!? Next you'll try to tell me Alaskan Amber tastes like poo !! Well it does. Haven't had one in 30 years. I do like their White. A quote from a few years back ---- I don't like beer but I like Alaskan Amber ----- one and done still working on dungeness locations. It's seasonal so might require contacting specific restaurants or the tourist office. Frozen king crab will always be on the menu.
  8. oh, and if you have the option of pacific halibut and chips or pacific cod and chips, go with the cod. Halibut is so easy to overcook and dry out. but opinions are free
  9. which ports? I can try to help. But as DON hinted, kings make a more grand presentation. But not as tasty.
  10. Southeast typically gets 20-25% of its rain in october .............
  11. I think your thoughts have been very honest and inciteful. Though you may have spent too much time talking with Soapy Smith..... please come back, it is the the great land, joe
  12. DON - I don't think that"s the complete story. I can phone an order into Costco, have them deliver it to the barge line for free, pay ~$500 in freight charges for three pallet loads, and have it delivered to my house. No two days on the ferry south, no two days on the ferry north, no days of housing, eating, or traffic in Seattle. But your mileage may vary. joe
  13. . Alaskans who use the state ferries do so almost exclusively for one reason, the need to transport a vehicle. Damn, so that's why after 40 years here I have 67 vehicles parked in my yard. And all those pre-teens and teens going between sporting events that have designated areas onboard for studying are required to bring a vehicle? There's also a winter floating bridge tourniment on the ferries. Make those old bats buy a car. some of your comments were inforrmative but not accurate
  14. it is dungeness season and the crab is FRESH but probably not in Nevada
  15. Have you determined how you will get a negative Covid test w/i 72 hours of your border crossing?
  16. I'm a first responder, SAR ( search and rescue) and received my second shot the last week of January. And the first friday of each month I get a nasal swab.
  17. the joke is in your hand https://www.ktoo.org/coronavirus/ https://www.adn.com/alaska-news/2021/07/15/sitka-requires-masks-in-city-buildings-as-coronavirus-infections-spike/
  18. how can you even walk carrying all that mental baggage? icebreakers? really? we are currently experiencing spikes in outbreaks in most southeast ports. and these are from the smaller highly regulated cruise ships. time to build more torres ...............
  19. thank you for your participation, our incidence is increasing significantly perhaps you could go cruising in Missouri or Arkansas with other right minded folks .........
  20. back when I had more hair, the lovely ms b-d and I hiked the chilcoot to bennett lake. took a rail maintenance jenny to the mainline WP&YR (wait patiently and you'll ride). We rode back to Skagway in the mail car as 5 days on the trail we were told we might offend the riders in the cruise cars. there were park wardens at the top of the chilcoot checking passports and giving out hot cider. Not for immigration purposes but to determine if you were healthy, prepared, and weren't coming to Canada to die. immediately went to the Red Onion, dropped our packs, and had the best frozen micro-waved bar pizza ever!! Under other circumstances it might not have been so good. and being the perfect gentleman that I am, the lovely ms b-d got to take the first shower (but I think she milked it into a bath. if you're into railroads, walk through the railyard where all the old decrepit passenger cars have been abandoned.
  21. Working on the Edge by Spike Walker. When crabbing really was the deadliest catch. Current boats have a harvest limit and a window to make that harvest. Prior, there was a opening window and a total fleet harvest quota and you went fishing no matter what the weather. There's a special dent in my wall where I pound my head every time someone recommends Michener.
  22. First time in Alaska in the middle of August, What should I expect? tourists
  23. query "Best time of the season to travel in Alaska? " in the forum's search and you'll receive over one million responses
  24. a group of non-residents came to town two weeks ago, played loose and free with self quarantine, self distancing. The next week we had the 4th highest percentage of outbreaks in the US over 30% of our town has had two vaccinations.
  25. i quired > starbourd vs port < in the search functiion at his site and there were over 1000 responses. maybe start there.
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