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    Inside Cabin vs Window?

    We're thinking of a December holiday week cruise (4-7 nights). One or two that looked like possibilities are already sold out of cabins with windows or balconies. We're new to cruising, and would be traveling with our kids (ages 10 and 7). While we're no claustrophobic, I'm still a bit concerned about an inside cabin. I'm assuming that we won't spend a whole lot of time in the cabin (although our kids have an "early" bed time). Can you share any experience/advice?
  2. I’m not trying to trigger off another debate about smoking on cruises, and hope that digressing into that is not inevitable. I’m simply looking for advice from nonsmokers AND from smokers. I’m hoping to take my family on a cruise this December – and based on costs, scheduling, etc., our choices are limited to Carnival, Celebrity, Norwegian, and Royal Caribbean. While a “smoke-free” cruise does not exist given these limits, is there one cruise line of these that is likely to be "less-smoky" than others? If you’re a smoker, which of these lines is the most “limiting” for you? If you’re a non-smoker, which of these lines has exposed you to the least amount of smoke? I’m not trying to enforce my non-smoking upon anyone, but I am trying to make an economic decision. I don’t want to spend my hard-earned vacation dollars and time where I’m more likely to be made miserable by having to leave areas because of secondhand smoke. I've already resigned myself to the fact that I won't be able to step foot into the casino. Please, let’s not debate whether there should or should not be smoking on ships. That’s not my point here. I’m trying to keep this respectful. What I’m asking is which cruise is most likely to limit smoking and actually enforce their policies?
  3. We're new to cruising, and thinking of taking the family (kids ages 10 and 7) on a cruise during the week starting December 20. Christmas and Chanukah both occur that week this year. Has anyone ever cruise during this week befire? Is there anything special about it (positive or negative) other than the obvious lack of any price breaks? ;)