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  1. If I come home with clean clothes it means I overpacked. I'm not spending vacation time doing laundry unless I've run out of clean clothes which means I under packed and couldn't find a place to buy new clothes.
  2. Not a goer but not a complete bailer just yet. I am biding my time and taking land based vacations because they have fewer restrictions than cruising. When restrictions on board are similar to those on shore we may consider cruising again.
  3. If you are predisposed to motion sickness stock up on your magic amulets, anti-puke pills and transdermal zombie drug patches. If you are not inclined to toss your cookies at the first sign of choppy seas then enjoy the ride. The bars will be less crowded, the waiting lines will be fewer and should you stagger or bump into walls you can blame the weather and not your level of inebriation.
  4. The Global Affairs Canada is very adept at returning remains. Helping when you are alive not so much. I also have enough of an independent streak to be leery about handing my travel itinerary over to government. As letting them know has little benefit to my I have no good reason to tell the government where I'm going and when and it's really none of their business.
  5. Here is another example of Global Affairs Canada general uselessness in helping Canadians overseas. Canadian citizen trapped in Afghanistan? Gee, you better hide until we can figure something out. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/politics/article-ottawa-says-1250-canadians-and-family-members-still-stranded-in/ America has a better reputation than Canada for supporting its citizens overseas. Were I an American I'd register with STEP if going to an unstable country but in Canada there's no point. I'd be home and having a cocktail before GAC even knew there was a problem.
  6. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-families-of-michael-spavor-michael-kovrig-to-walk-7000-steps-for/
  7. There is no cost. I've concluded there is no benefit and no point.
  8. There is a Canadian equivalent but I have zero confidence in the Canadian government being able to actually help in a specific situation. I've never registered despite having travelled to global hot spots and have no intention to register in future.
  9. Those days are certainly over for Rolex. There is shortage of their more desirable pieces. No discounts.
  10. Should a solar flare occur I'm sure I will muddle through the disruption with my automatic chronometer.
  11. Don't buy an Invicta on land either if what you are seeking is a high-end watch.
  12. If older and overweight people stopped cruising it would destroy the industry faster than COVID would. LOL.
  13. Actually the $200 watch may keep better time. I have a $50 Casio Wavceptor digital watch that is regulated daily by a signal from the atomic clock in Fort Collins, Colorado. No mechanical watch can match it.
  14. What drives those prices is quality of workmanship, materials, brand reputation and demand. They are expensive for the same reasons a Rolls Royce is more expensive than a Kia Rio.
  15. I have bought expensive items while travelling but only if I felt I knew enough about what I was buying, what the prices were at home and could easily spot over-priced or possibly fake items. Otherwise I will buy at home. The quality of high-end watch fakes is so good that I would only buy from an authorized dealer in which case I probably might as well buy at home. Also, a high-end mechanical watch needs occasional servicing and perhaps small adjustments (e.g. link removal) and in my experience authorized dealers will provide better service if they sold you the watch in the first place.
  16. The best "port" to buy a high-end watch is an authorized dealer close to your home. You might save buying in the Caribbean but unless you want to smuggle it in there are duties and taxes to pay in most countries. Secondly, the quality of fakes on the market is so high trusting anyone other than an authorized dealer is taking a chance.
  17. I cruise to visit those destinations where it is the most practical means of getting there due to geography, remoteness, lack of tourist infrastructure or to a place where a one day visit is sufficient to meet my needs (e.g. French Polynesia, Greenland, Alaska, Antarctica, etc.) The boat itself and the cruise milieu have little appeal.
  18. Our Tahitian cruise went to the Marquesas which was what attracted us to the cruise in the first place.
  19. Correct, I misspoke about inside cabins. Should have said "not even a porthole to look out of."
  20. Rough seas are part of the fun. We had one day of rough water on our Tahitian cruise. It was great!
  21. There are places like Antarctica that you can't fly to. There are also places like French Polynesia and Alaska where flying to one place means you miss out on the rest of it. An inside cabin with only a port hole to look out of is certainly less expensive but part of the attraction of cruising is the sea and having a balcony is a must.
  22. It must be quite the achievement for those preoccupied with onboard social status and other trivial matters to boast about having the captain in their "bubble." I do have some sympathy for the captain who instead of enjoying an evening meal must do customer service duties pandering to the frequent cruiser class on their line while being subjected to their petty complaints and advice on how the boat should run.
  23. The reason invitations to the captain table are desirable isn't to talk to interesting people and learn something but to preen and attempt to impress fellow cruisers. "Well, when WE were invited to dine with the captain...." If I really want to learn something about the boat my preference is a ship tour. I find them very educational and far more appealing than the prospect of swilling plonk at the captain's dinner table with a random assortment of social climbers. YMMV.
  24. I would prefer to spend my vacation time with my chosen travelling companions and do not consider an invitation to dine at the captain's table with an assortment of other strangers an appealing option or some sort of great honor or recognition. Get the boat to where it is supposed to be when it's supposed to be there is all I need or want from the captain.
  25. Week in a suite as long as the risk of onboard quarantine due to COVID continues to exist.
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