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  1. Thank you for the great information! Can't wait to do this next year!
  2. At this time just the Exit Glacier hike of the Harding Field. We are doing things that my sister and brother-in-law haven't done also. But things can change. Only the Kennicott Mine and the Denali Tundra tour are thru Princess. And of course the dredge/riverboat. I appreciate your suggestions and will review with my sister since she has been to Alaska a number of times, she is our tour guide this trip, so to speak. 😊
  3. Yes, we are staying at each lodge for 2 nights. We are flying into Fairbank early and we will not be doing the dredge/river tour as we have a dredge here in Idaho that we have seen. I'll keep flying to that Artic Circle in mind for Fairbanks. Currently, at Kenai we are hiking to the Exit Glacier. At Copper River we are doing the Kennicott mines/McCarthy (12.75 hrs🙃). 9 hours on the road to both Copper River and Kenai will be a lot, but we have traveled on vacation up to 12 hours in a day quite often. Hopefully we might see some wildlife and they do stop every 90 minutes. Sadly we are not
  4. Looking forward to see the cruise tour video as our 8nt land portion is going to Fairbanks, Denali, Copper River and Kenai. Any and all suggestions will help in finalizing our excursions. 😊
  5. The itinerary does have a lot to do with the MDR dress code even though the Princess website states the same thing for all itineraries. Search the board to get a feel. You will see people wearing a lot of things in the MDR that other people feel should only be seen in the buffet. I personally don't care what anyone else is wearing since it doesn't change how the food tastes and I won't let it ruin my vacation. That said, I'd make a plan prior to the sailing. Explain to him the dress code and that this is like going to a nice resort. On our last cruise, our son was 13 and a big tee-sh
  6. I will be trying this out. It should fit in by carry on luggage till we fly into Seattle. I will bring extra bungie cords too. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07N1XF68S/ref=psdc_553520_t1_B004B9V1R2
  7. Thank you for this. If they've done it once, they will probably do it again or have already. Very sad!
  8. Thank you for the blog, very nice! I really liked the picture of the carved granite rock and especially the row boat with the flowers! The picture of the food looked great! Sad to here the didn't all taste of good. The ship looks great too!
  9. Sorry for asking too many questions, but that's what I am trying to decide and these threads are for, so I thought. Before we decide to add $428 just for CC & moving from Aft (our preferred cabins) be added to our cruise. Enjoy the Sky!
  10. Great reviews! Do either of you have the Club Class dining? If so, I am trying to decide on a mini-suite with CC. What are the added menu options? TIA! Enjoy the rest of your cruise!
  11. Can you get the upgraded steaks & other offerings without the added cost. Having pasta is not a cost effective upgrade to CC, nor them preparing food table side, IMHO. Eating at a specialty restaurant every night of the cruise just might be more cost effective for us. And I double agree that having a sofabed for our DS16 will be much better then him above us.
  12. Our DS was 12 on our last Princess cruise and he had a great time. He has also been on Disney and Royal and enjoyed them equally. Our RCCL was in Oct, not a lot of kids on a 15nt Hawaiian cruise. The staff sure made them all feel very special. Knowing Princesses kids club, she will probably love it and make fast friends. The biggest difference from Disney is they do shut down at lunch and dinner times. Then you get to embarrass them at dinner. March to the middle/end of April is Spring Break season. There just might be a lot more kids than you think. HTH!
  13. What are the added dinner menu items?
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