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  1. She's a little darling with the voice of an angel!
  2. Is Hazel the singing waitress still on the ship?
  3. Just bouncing this up the board for Lizzie Mems
  4. Just had a call from Thomson asking me to consider upgrading to extra legroom seats on the aircraft (for a flight to Alicante)- she said these are usually £150 each but I can offer you a discount to £30 per person! I was so annoyed- I said I had been flying with Thomson for over 50 years and the cost of extra legroom seats has NEVER EVER been £150! What a brazen lie!
  5. At last I have time to write my review! Well I dragged my reluctant hubby onto his first cruise and he loved it.Already booked for next year... The ports of call:- Koper As we disembarked at the Passenger Terminal we were met at the port exit by a 'Welcome to Slovenia' group- a guy playing an accordian, gift stalls, leaflets were handed out about excursions, taxis stood by,tasting of wine & olive oil, a market, etc. The town as seen from the quayside had a lot of Italian style buildings.We headed for the coach as we had booked to go on the 'Piran & Portoroz - Little Italy' trip with Thomsons. (The 'Countryside' trip which I had planned to go on was not offered in the excursion guide) It was a short and scenic journey to Piran which is bursting with Italian charm.We got off the coach and walked in a group to the main square (this used to be the harbour but was filled in to create a lovely square).The guide told us lots of interesting historical information and we then walked along the coast to the lighthouse where we had 30mins for coffee (I was asked if I wanted a large or small cappucino-I made the mistake of asking for small, thinking i would get a small cup- oh no it was a teeny cup-barely a mouthful lol). We walked back to the main square where our guide showed us a shop selling the local speciality- chocolate covered salt! Then we walked through the narrow passageways to the original square which had interesting architecture and the rainwater was collected in a reservoir beneath the square for residents use. Soon it was back to the bus and onward to Portoroz where we had over an hour freetime.We made our way to the seafront which was still 'under constuction' - man-made beaches with dozens of sun umbrellas, new jetties and roads etc.But the promenade was complete and there were lots of low walls to sit and watch the world go by in glorious sunshine on the huge bay, bars and cafes to have a meal or just a drink.We were too far from the main beach- time constraints. The coach route back took us to see the old salt pans, and we turned homewards just before the border and travelled back though beautiful scenery.We were back at the ship soon after 1.15. A lovely trip- everyone enjoyed seeing other parts of Slovenia. Venice My previous advice to get on deck for the sail into Venice was marred by thick fog.It was bright and sunny as we passed Venice Lido beach but then as we entered the main canal the fog descended- the captain later repoerted that it was one of his worst experiences but having committed the ship into the canal he had to keep going.Happily the sun soon burned off the fog and we had a clear sunny day, with a superb sailaway with stupendous views over the city from the higher decks. We got the 'Venice on your own 4 hour' Thomson trip.We boarded a privately chartered launch right next to the ship and the guide pointed out lots of landmarks on our route to St Marks Square. It was long enough for us, as we have been to Venice a number of times before, so we saw the main sights again and bought some Murano glass jewellery (who can resist) and by 1.30 Venice was becoming increasingly hot and crowded. I will add more reviews tomorrow but duty calls.....Adriatic Explorer review continued.... Split,Croatia (NB Croatia requires that you carry photo ID, eg, take your passport) Before going ashore we exchanged £20 into Croatian currency-7kuna to the £. This was the first tender port.Three tenders provided a continuos shuttle from the ship anchored in the bay to the quayside.Trips went first,then others, who had to collect a coloured coded ticket from a desk near reception- a huge queue!Each colour was called in turn to descend to deck 2 to catch the tender.It worked quite well. On the quayside a local firm offered sightseeing tours around Split at 70kuna (£10). We did our own thing and explored Split.If you turn right at the quayside you come to an interesting local market where the veg, fruit and flower displayed provides a colourful feast for the eyes- well worth a visit. Dubrovnik,Croatia (Take your passport!) Another tender port however this was poorly organised and chaos ensued as hundreds of people filled the stairs! Hopefully the staff have learned from their mistake by the time you go! But we all got ashore eventually -the tender drops you at the quayside near the New Bridge.It's a 3mile walk, a local bus (you need kuna), or a taxi (10 euro), to Dubrovnik Old Town.Go through Customs before you get a taxi! The taxis alongside the tender are 40euros- so wait till you get through Customs and get in one outside that building- they charge only 10euros- same as last year! The taxi drops you at Pile Gate which is one entrance into the old walled town.Wander the ancient streets,explore the old churches, walk the walls if you are feeling energetic (hundreds of steps) - there is a charge around 7euro/50kuna I believe - some gates insist on kuna-easily obtained at the cashpoint.Then wander out onto the harbour where you can get a boat trip for 10euros, to see the outer walls. The taxi rank to return to the tender point is just accross the road from Pile Gate. Don't miss the evening sailaway from Dubrovnik- a beautiful sunset in a gorgeous setting.A memorable sight. Flopsy
  6. [quote name='Malch_uk']Flopsy, Dronfield is "down South" to us Yorkshire folk! Malc.[/QUOTE] It's still a long way from Exeter Airport! Hey I'm born & bred in Yorkshire. I feel Sheffield boundary is creeping nearer- we could be in Yorkshire one day....
  7. Yes somebody will get a bargain. No I'm not going- we are 'up North' lol! I have no holiday left- I'm struggling to get time off for our Benidorm jaunt in December! No more cruises till June 2016 for us.
  8. Ancient Affair on The Spirit flying from Exeter on Wed 18 November 2015- a great bargain for anyone in the Exeter region! Kruzseeka are you reading this.....
  9. Hi Ska man Thanks for the caravan hire info- I will add it to my favourites for future use! Sorry don't know how to access friend link- try clicking on your name?
  10. Ska man I don't know how to get in touch-I have sent you a friend request but had no response from you. Have you got a website for your holiday rentals?
  11. That's OK Linda.I'm glad you enjoyed your cruise.
  12. Flopsy

    help which one to go for ?

    Passing through Corfu airport is a pain, but sailing into, and out of, Venice is an experience not to be missed. But I much prefer Celebration to Majesty. Decisions, decisions!
  13. Flopsy

    Back from the Celebration

    I'm enjoying this review.It's years since we went on this ship
  14. Keep up Linda- I've booked a caravan at Bridlington instead ha ha!