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  1. We were on Bonaire in March and will be returning this December. In March, we took Azamara's "Bonaire Highlights" tour, which included the lagoons, salt flats, and the slave huts. We'd like to see other sites to get a better appreciation of the island. Can anyone suggest destinations/tours we could explore? Are these feasible for someone who can't do a lot of walking or handle bumpy rides? One catch is that we'll be there on 26 December and we guess that may limit our options. Thank you, Jonathan
  2. We visited Aruba in March and will return this December, In March, we took the Azamara "Best of Aruba" tour, which included the Aloe factory, the Casibari Rock Formations, the California Lighthouse, and the natural bridge. We're looking for something new to see on this trip. Can anyone suggest a tour or some destinations that would add to our understanding of the island? Looking at the various guides, the Ayo Rock Formations, Arikok National Park, and the Natural Pool look interesting. Are there tours we could book that include those? Are these feasible for someone who can't do a lot of walking or handle bumpy rides? One catch is that we'll be there on 24 December and we guess that may limit our options. Thanks for any help. Jonathan
  3. Hi, We were on the Journey for the March 25 sailing from Miami to New York via Cuba, ABCs, etc. This was our first sailing on Azamara and we loved it - working on a review and I'll post that link when it's published. I wanted to pass on a few things while that's in progress: 1. The coffee table has a lever under it (see photo) that allows you to change the height - from level with the sofa (traditional coffee table height) to high enough to sit with your knees under it (for room service). 2. The lamps by the bed have a USB socket on the bottom that you can use for charging things. 3. The AC receptacle at the desk is slightly recessed, which prevents the use of some of the power strips some people take. 4. I've posted our photos at https://www.flickr.com/photos/snjnova/collections/72157690907481133/ - this includes not only photos of the port stops, our cabin, food, and the ship, but also scans of the daily schedules and most of the Discoveries menus. jg
  4. Just a quick note. One evening as we were waiting to enter the main dining room on our recent Journey cruise (just disembarked yesterday), we saw one man turned away. He was wearing shorts. Long shorts, but not formal Bermuda shorts with other appropriate accessories. I don't know whether he would have been allowed in if they had been Bermuda shorts with appropriate socks and shirt and so forth. (I am thinking also of formal nights on other ships when a few of the Scots were wearing kilts with the right socks, jacket, etc. -- they looked grand. Almost as grand as DH in his tux, but I digress..... **smile**) Susan
  5. Just as an update, the teabags I've seen are both Bigelow and Twinings. Jonathan will post later some photos. The "coffee table" in the cabin can be raised or lowered! Susan
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