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  1. We were on a cruise also. We were taken to the hotel by our guide and we bought the tickets there
  2. Thanks for posting this. Saving an addtional $200 on a New Years Sailing helps. Got in on Sunday Night, Called TA on Monday. She said they accepted the coupon but still havent gotten an updated invoice. Called today she said up to 72 hours to apply it. I read the terms and apparantly you cant use the coupon on higher status (Black)
  3. I just booked the New Years cruise on the Megaviglia and it came with the Easy Package and Standard wi-fi. I dont drink alchohol so it's perfect for me, Maybe a glass of wine on New Years. What wines come with the package. I also see that frozen alcoholic drinks not included but I had the same idea as the poster upthread. Buy your Pina Colada and a shot of rum and mix. How many drinks can you order at the same time? Thanks in advance
  4. You can buy bouch No but you can pre buy a 12 pack of 1 liter Pellegrino )sparkling or still) I think it cost $33 so for 2.50 a bottle I had enough water for the entire week. On board a bottle costs $5 plus grats
  5. RCI cancelled my reservation for unexplained reasons. I had to rebook got all of the amenities and price originally paid for but had to give them back the $400. They have no idea what happened.
  6. Nope not when it comes out of a bank account
  7. I was just wondering if a cruise line could keep a deposit if the cabin you had originally booked went full. Isn’t there a cap on passengers allowed on a cruise. Also do have a another cruise booked for 10/2020 and paid $400 deposit. When I put the reservation number in it says not found. Called my TA.
  8. I just got two refunds from Royal without an explanation. $$400 just appeared in my bank account. Is it possible a cruise I booked in March 2019 and left a $300 deposit which I was told was refundable but when I went to cancel said cruise two months later told non refundable. The cruise was sold out on NYE.
  9. Going on Pearl TA in April. Have an ocean view got an upgrade notice for a balcony or mini suite. Bid on mini suite just a bit over minimum from what I understand there are 165 balcony and min suites still available. What are my chances getting upgrade. I’m a first time NCL cruiser, do they prefer to upgrade to newcomers?
  10. Yes, the second day in Ashdod is a trip to the Dead Sea and Masada
  11. Anyone do a Jewish based tour with GTI. I have arranged for 3 days in November 2020 for such. Most want to take Christian based one. Only the Jewish ones go to Yad Vashem and Mount Herzl. Thanks Pam
  12. So what do I need to buy in those 20 minutes, no mini Eiffel Towers or Tshirts for me. Give me suggestions TIA How many Euros do I need for this Land an Sea trip aprrox. Lunch and wine are part of the deal, so its basically for a few small items.
  13. I am going on a 13 night TA on the Pearl in April. I chose no to take the drink package as a perk. I can't drink alcohol for medical purposes, my husband can and I must get a package for each of us. This will run around $600 for him to drink his fruity cocktails 3x a day. What about the 6 days will be in port for most of the time? Also it peeves me off that water and coffee are not included.
  14. I will be in Le Havre port with the Pearl on May 9, 2019. It is a national holiday in France and the Yellow Vests should be out in abundance. I really want to see Paris even if it's only for 4-5 hours. I chose the Seine River and Land Tpur. Shorex told me they make stops not many but some and I believe they give you some shopping time at the end. I would not chance missing the bus back so I chose this fully escorted tour.
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