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  1. DH and I are booked for the Holiday Cruise this December. I so miss cruising and crossing fingers this one is a go. If it matters I had m7y vaccine. Do you think we will be able to book private excusions on the islands.? The Volcano National Park is our stop of xmas day, do you think it will be open? I know airfare can be high this time of year. Delta and American came out with their nonstops I booked for $212 pp round trip from JFK to LAX on Delta. Anyone know of a decent place to room wanted to do QM for 3 nights but that is questionable now. Pam and Steve, NYC
  2. Those are the Spain ports and we are going to the Azores. I thought about Gilbrator but that would throw the itinerary off course. An overnight in Barcelona would be wonderful .
  3. Apparently COVAC 19 does not thrive well in hotter climates. Thus no reported cases in South American Africa and Australia (I think one was unconfirmed). But I still am stressing about the Escape TA in 7 weeks. After debarking we have 4 days in Rome. I took an insurance policy with Alliance not with NCL. Would this be cancel for any reason? As for airfare if there are restrictions on folks entering USA from Italy wouldn’t flights be reimbursed?
  4. Im on the Escape TA April 18. Last two ports are Florence and Rome. We already have 2 Portugal ports 4 Spanish ones and one French. Where else can they divert us? praying by End March this will be under control.
  5. My TA is in 7 weeks and we have two ports in Italy Florence and Rome. We are past final payment and the only thing I can wait for is for NCL to cancel the cruise. Changing ports would be highly unlikely since we are doing 4 Spain ports, 2 Portugal ports and a French one.
  6. I’m on this cruise also. Not my favorite of my 20 or so. Pretty much a bottom feeder. We also something didn’t add up with the extra day in Costa Maya since all the other cruise ships were able to come and go. MSC intentionally changed my Butchers Cut reservation for a port day when we had a long excursion thru them. Finally got them to change for next day and the restaurant was empty. Service in MDR was horrible. Cold food inferior grade of meats long 2 hour dinners with no service. Rethinking my 21 day b2b in June 2021 for Baltic and Fjords.
  7. It’s good with the original booking I got the easy drink package cirque du soliel dinner show Internet package $50 onboard credit i did buy the three restaurants dining package.
  8. It’s the Meraviglia. yes the new cabin is around 12 cabins away from the panoramic lift. My theory since I was assigned the cabin so soon after bid. The new cabin is a connecting one total fits 8 people. I believe the prior occupants bid on a two bedroom YC cabin freeing up these two cabins. When I get onboard I will ask my neighbor if they bid on the cabin. Guess I was lucky this time would not have liked a front of ship cabin.
  9. No obstructions midship deck 10
  10. Got notice this morning won the $60 upgrade bid, A midship 10th floor cabin now in the Fantasica experience. Dont know if I get those perks but my dining time did change also.
  11. I booked a Bella OV for NYE CRUISE. Got a upgrade bid notice last week. This morning my upgrade email came $60 pp for a midship fantastica balcony. Do I get the perks like free room service with this upgrade. Thanks. Btw my dining time changed.
  12. I had a Bella OB. Put in a $60 pp big for NYE Cruise got an email won the bid and now have a fantastical midship balcony
  13. On the NYE Meraviglia Cruise . Got an upgrade notice from an oceanview to balcony room. Starting low bid of $60 pp. What’s a good bid or should I just keep it at 60. I like my cabin location so I won’t be upset if I don’t win
  14. I’m on a 15 night TA in April and one perk I received was a small internet package. NCL will let me upgrade pre cruise for $275. Its the standard unlimited. Is this for one or two devices.? Is the price really cheaper pre cruise. Thanks
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