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  1. Just returned from an Alaska cruise on Amsterdam. Fresh, hot chocolate (non-powdered) is available in the Explorations Cafe! Neptune Lounge had the Swiss Miss packages :(
  2. We're headed to Alaska too, next week. Our question is a simple one. Forgive me if it is a repeat on this thread. We have the Signature Bev package and looking at the Elite Bev package, it would give us a lot more variety in our wines. Is it possible to upgrade once were board? If so, where should we do this transaction? Thanks in advance!
  3. Mermen

    New to HAL

    Happy Summertime All! :cool: Just a couple of quick questions. My apologies if these have been asked before, and thanks in advance for your feedback. We will be staying in a Neptune Suite on the Amersterdam in September. What gratuity would you suggest for in-cabin service, for breakfast, coffee or dinner? On Celebrity and Princess, we have given between $1-5 USD depending upon what we order, usually cash. Hard to tell from the deck diagrams, but is there a daily spa fee, or a Thallosotherapy pool / quiet spa area with warm tiled loungers? A steam or dry sauna area? Any recent changes in allowing cruisers to upgrade alcoholic beverage package once on-board? Dining is really subjective, but any "don't miss" dining options, whether MDR or specialty? Thanks so much, Gary
  4. Mermen

    What to wear on formal nights

    Love this HAL thread. Funny and witty posts and good people. The same discussion on Princess or Celebrity would have me popping popcorn to watch the fight.
  5. Mermen

    What to wear on formal nights

    We're going on our first HAL cruise, a 14-night to Alaska in September. I'm with Robb...husband and I have worn formal for decades, on ship and on land. Tuxes can help make a man look amazing, but then, so can a pair of nice jeans and sports coat. A tux doesn't help a man behave like a gentleman though, and we've seen plenty of men in tuxes, who behave like a Neanderthal. All in the eye of the beholder I imagine. As Yves Saint Laurent said, "Fashion fades but style is eternal". :). We probably won't bring a sports coat, and if turned away, will order formal night to our Neptune Suite! :D In our years of cruising, have never seen anyone turned away. We have never seen the Maitre'D distribute a jacket to a cruiser. Good Lord, would it be a one size fits all? :confused: Happy cruising!
  6. Mermen

    Bistro on Five

    It is a shame. We've enjoyed Bistro on 5 from inception, through the price changes over the past 6 years. We prefer it to other dining options. Celebrity is terminating a good venue. Our only hope is that the sushi is a vast improvement from the buffet. Celbrity's is really is one of the very least enjoyable sushi we've had. And hopefully there will be another Japanese option such as Teriyaki, Katsu, Gyoza, etc. :confused::confused:
  7. Nah...we lugged costumes aboard once and didn't put them on. Besides, I'm pretty damn scary without the drag.
  8. Mermen

    Crown Princess Suite Questions - 2017

    Yep, we ended up booking C749, it was the nicest of the available suites, we thought. Nice large veranda similar to C423 on Diamond. Have never been aft before, so this will be a first. I've always enjoyed watching the scenery pulling into port or leaving, so a different experience. I think for a Norwegian Fjords and Cape it may be ok though!
  9. Mermen

    Crown Princess Suite Questions - 2017

    Oh no, don't panic at all. Really loved that suite! Even more so than Celebrity's Sky Suite, which we had last year. The veranda on C423 is wonderfully large with a large wooden table, 4 chairs and 2 wood Loungers with side table. Part of the Veranda is covered, maybe the first 5 ft as you exit the sliding glass door. So there is some privacy, which is nice. We kept our loungers there. Usually had the table and chairs moved up to the edge. Great options. Probably 5 or 6 feet is uncovered and a couple of tiered decks above you can look down, but not bad. The suite was very quiet. We really did not hear anything! Service was amazing and the suite appointed nicely. Had many great meals there, so relaxing!
  10. Cool! We are too - we have only been on a smaller ship once on Princess. I think it's the same size and type of ship. Our first time being Aft as well. Looking forward to see you guys on board.
  11. Mermen

    Main dining room food compared to Celebrity

    Really good information, thank you!!
  12. Mermen

    Halloween on Azamara

    We purchased some quality, cool costumes for a Halowwen cruise a few years ago and even lugged them onboard, Celebrity. Passengers really didn't get into the spirit, sadly. Have experienced a few Halloweens since...while the crew dones good makeup and maybe a costume, never really noticed the guests getting into it. But there's always a party, dance or evening event.
  13. Mermen

    Beware- sip and sale

    We would as well. Was considering the Iceland too in 2017, may switch our booking...if any suites left! :)
  14. Mermen

    Beware- sip and sale

    Howdy Twiggycat, hope you are yours are doing well! We booked a 2017 North Cape / Fjords on the crown earlier this week and in speaking to the reservationist, she very, very quickly breezed over the "or state room credit". So fast, I didn't really catch it until we booked with the drinks package. Thanks for this information, I will call back and hopefully have it changed. :)
  15. Mermen

    Anyone recently off the Crown?

    :D Very funny...LOL! I would be interested as well, but we won't be embarking until after her refurb in 2017. Cheers!