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  1. We were on the same sailing...on the first night we both had the braised lamb, and I totally agree...it was worth talking about!!! Delicious!!! This is a great review, much more in depth than mine!
  2. We just returned and in Costa Maya we did Jaime's at the Blue Reef. I read great reviews of both Jaime's and Maya Chan. Maya Chan was booked so we went with Jaime's. $8 Taxi ride. Personal palapa, really good food, drinks were as plentiful as wanted, and my wife said the beach massage (I think it was $20/45 minutes - originally said $35, but it was a slow day and later came and offered for $20) was better than any she has gotten in the States! In Cozumel, we did the 3-reef snorkel, though the ship. It was also a great time. Small group (maybe 10-14 people) and a great crew. Beautiful water, reef, and snorkeling.
  3. Wow, not good. We were on Enchantment 6/14-6/19 in a JS on deck 8. We noticed an A/C issue one day, let our Cabin Steward know, and it was very promptly taken care of and had no further issues...we would have been very unhappy if it lasted, as I am sure you and other passengers are. I echo the comment to take to social media, as well as Guest Services/Hotel Director.
  4. We sailed 6/14 for the 5-day out of Galveston. Just submitted in the review section, so it should be up soon. Basically, we loved it! Enchantment is mature, but a beautiful ship. No crowd issues despite being sold out. Dining was excellent. Common areas clean, roomy, comfortable, and yes, lots of brass and glass! I would not hesitate to return to Enchantment!
  5. We just got off Enchantment yesterday. After Embarkation, I went to MDR and made a My Time reservation for that evening. We thoroughly enjoyed our waiter and assistant, so as we were leaving that evening, I stopped at the desk and asked if we could have the same table/same time each night. Not an issue.
  6. Just curious, which was more accurate - Compass or App?
  7. Great to see all the Song of Norway references! Our first cruise, in 1988! Over the years, going on to Song of America, and then Rhapsody, Majesty, Adventure, Radiance..I know I'm missing some others...man have they changed. Jumping on Enchantment for a last minute trip next week, and already looking to go back to Alaska next summer!
  8. Thank you for the very informative review. My daughter and her boyfriend just sailed EOTS in early May, as well. My daughter has sailed on Radiance, Adventure and Rhapsody...her report on EOTS was very positive. Much like your review, she said it had a "small ship" feel - nothing was ever over-crowded - but had plenty to do and enjoy. When we realized that my wife had to either use or lose 4 days of vacation before June 30, we booked EOTS for next week! We are looking forward to it. I can accept that it is an older ship, with some age marks...but a great crew and "feel/vibe" of the ship makes the difference. Of course, our first RCCL cruise was on Song of Norway (most of you won't remember that one!) so "small ship" feel isn't a bad thing to us!
  9. Belt AND suspenders! Like-minded! I was thinking of putting it in my backpack, but was hoping the phone would do the trick. Thanks!
  10. Is it still necessary to print the pass? If you have downloaded the App, can't you just use that? Asking because next week is our first cruise since 2014 and the App wasn't around then (or if it was I didn't know about it 😀)
  11. Thanks...alot...now you've peaked my curiosity!!!!
  12. Just curious...is a JS upgrade from Oceanview Balcony THAT noticeable? Asking from ignorance, because we haven't yet had a JS. Just wondering if it is worth spending the money for it. It's not that much more, but what does one get? Sorry if this should be in another thread.
  13. Just coming back around...Jaime emailed me and the customer service/communication has been great. We are looking forward to it.
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